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Mutilating the Food Pyramid - Diet, Weight Loss & Fitness

Written by Thin Thin


Think about this scenario....  

What happens when a kid pulls out that can of green beans on the bottom of the stack at the super market?

A similar event occurs within the body when one building block of the Food Pyramid is suddenly yanked out. The vitamins and minerals found in foods make up the building blocks in the food pyramid.  Like the cans at the store, each block depends on the other for support - and for total nutrition.

A dieter who omits an entire building block from the food pyramid will discover that their pyramid has crashed to the ground, along with their crummy, restrictive diet.

Just one more reason to steer clear of those type of fad diets that mutilate the food pyramid and your healthy diet.

If you find your current weight loss plan dull and boring, think of what you can do to bring it to life. If you're eating a tuna sandwich every day for lunch - it's time to mix things up. Instead try a couple of boiled eggs and a fruit and cheese plate along with some healthy grapes. Grill some chicken the night before and prepare extra for lunch or dinner the following day.

While as a society we are programmed to always include a meat protein on our plate - opt for beans instead. They are so delicious and come in so many varieties.


Or rather than that boring tuna sandwich, try the following: one serving of your favorite nuts OR 1 serving of either pumpkin or sunflower seeds, 2 of your favorite fruits - or 2 cups of assorted fruits such as grapes, strawberries, and melon. Enjoy with a small wedge of your favorite cheese and a few whole grain crackers.

If your emotions are getting out of control while dieting, then it's time to slow down and try to pinpoint any issues. Uncertain emotions are impacted greatly by stress - and stress can create all sorts of bad ills within the body, making us feel unlike ourselves.

If you find that you're missing favorite foods in your current weight loss plan then add them every now and then while allowing for the calories.

If you enjoy pizza, then a couple of pieces shouldn't blow your weight loss plan. Simply enjoy a light breakfast - such as a boiled egg and piece of fruit. Enjoy 2 slices of your favorite pizza for lunch. For dinner, enjoy a small salad containing lean meat, lettuce, tomatoes and sliced cucumbers. Serve with your favorite light dressing or some balsamic vinegar. It's so delicious and contains a skinny 5 calories per serving.

Once you identify troubling issues in your weight loss plan - you should be able to move forward and meet your weight loss goals. If not, never give up trying.

You're worth all the hard work and I know how difficult weighty issues can be and what is necessary to overcome them. If you put your heart and soul into losing those unwanted pounds, you can certainly accomplish such. And once the weight is gone, keep it off.



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