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Written by Thin Thin


Are you a Diet 10 struggling to become a sexy or a beefy 10?  Or would you be deliriously happy if you could just lose all that unwanted weight – Sexy 10 or not?

Whether a dieter is seeking sexy, beefy, good old fitness or a healthy combination, there is a Path of Diet Frustration that most plow into while skipping down The Old Diet Trail.

The Thin Thin Big Diet 10 is a mix of problems, situations, and diet solutions that may present a Diet Life Raft to even the most determined of dieters.  

See if any of these F- situations ring a bell in your diet, then click on the links below to see how to turn that D- into an A+ diet!

1) The bland diet menus that accompany most weight loss programs.

2) The Limited Diet Menus.


3) The Exercise – Sometimes Grueling Exercise

4) The Time it Takes to Lose Weight

5) The Negative Physical & Emotional Effects One Experiences While Dieting - The Fear of Diet Failure – The Health Woes and the mere fact that you have to even diet in the first place!

6) Stuck In Diet Limbo on a Weight Loss Plateau

7) Finding a Diet Plan to Meet Your Lifestyle - Knowing Which Diet Plan Will Work for You

8) Why Can’T You Lose Weight When You’re Doing Everything Required?

9) How to Maintain Weight Loss Once Your Reach That Magic Number on the Weight Scales

10) The fact that you have to diet in the first place!

Do You Hate the Bland Diet Menus Associated With Weight Loss?

Bland, boring diets are a chief reason that most people give up on their diet.  'Give up on their diet' is just groaning to be emphasized because that's the truth of the Diet Matter.  


People give up on their diet - not on losing weight.  With great fortitude and dedication, individuals seeking weight loss try again and again to drop those unwanted pounds.

So if a bland diet is the reason that you just can't stomach dieting, let's see if we can shift that around and turn your bland diet menu into a grand diet menu.  Here are a couple to get you started to a more interesting meal plate: Macho Mexican Diet Menu | It'sa Great Italian Diet Menu

The Diet Exodus

When individuals throw in the Diet Towel, one of the most common reasons is that they miss their favorite foods.  

Unfortunately, most of those favorite foods tend to be high in fat and calories, so there was a need to slash them from the daily diet to lose weight.

Since eliminating favorite foods from the diet is a common reason that people quit their diet, we need to change things - and not a minute too soon.  

However, this is the problem that we need to answer:  By allowing the favorite foods to re-enter the daily diet, how can we continue to lose weight?

The answer is that we need to extract some of the fat and calories from our favorite foods.  This may mean adapting a recipe to include diet-savvy ingredients - or it may even mean enjoying a portion of a favorite goody rather than the whole Diet Mother Load.

By allowing our favorite foods back into our daily diet plan, we accomplish a bunch of good things including:

- staying on track for weight loss

- we learn to control our urges and limit our choices

- we learn how to healthy-up recipes that will continue to add to our good health long after our Weight Loss Journey has ended

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