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Free Diet Menus - Bar-B-Q on Barbwire Trail Diet Lunch Menu

Written by Thin Thin


Beans over a campfire, roasted corn, hot griddle cakes - all things yummy to those that ride the Diet Trail.

While dieting, it's hard to beat the power of beans because they have long-lasting satiety powers.

They truly do stick to your ribs for just a few calories per cup.  And speaking of ribs, dieters should beware of these fatty nubs during Diet Time.  And now for our lunch menu:

Diet Menu - Bar-b-q on Barbwire - a meal that will stick to your ribs for about 310 calories

1 ear of roasted corn (about 70 calories with no calorie butter spray, salt and pepper)

1/2 cup of pinto chili-beans (about 120 calories)

2 corn tortillas heated on a hot plate (80 calories served with no calorie butter spray)

unsweetened iced tea or sweeten with Splenda

1 fresh small peach to go (about 37 calories)

Fold beans over in the tortillas.

Free Diet Menus - Old South Diet Menu


You diet will love our recipe for Tator Soup. Enjoy with a small stack of crackers and a tall glass of fresh lemonade sweetened with Splenda.

Serves 4 extremely generously for about 150 calories each

4 Peeled Taters (Spuds), Washed & Patted Dry & Cubed

Salt & Large Cracked Pepper To Personal Taste

1 to 1 1/2 Cup of skim Milk (prepare to your desired consistency)

Teaspoon of Dried Parsley

1 Tablespoon of No Calorie Refrigerated Butter Spray

Cook taters in cup of water in microwave by placing a sheet of plastic wrap over top of bowl.  

Cook till taters are tender about 12-15 minutes.   Remove & smash with a tater masher. Blend if you desire a pureed soup.   Add cream, salt, butter spray & parsley.  

Stir & return to microwave & heat till warm. Top with cracked black pepper.  

Serve with piping hot biscuits & fresh strawberries topped with lite whipped topping.   Be certain to account for additional calories in biscuits & berries.

Trail Beans Diet Menu

Mama Bear's Mexican Trail Bean Diet Soup - a low fat, low calorie soup recipe for dieters

Low in Calories, High in Fiber, Tops in Taste!

The wonderful thing about Mama Bear's diet soup is that the cook can regulate the level of spicy heat.  This diet soup is also filling, tasty, easy to make with 'normal kitchen ingredients', high in fiber, zero cholesterol, and low in calories. 

For mild soup, simply omit the chili powder.

For medium heat in your soup, use only 1/2 the chili powder.

For spicy soup, prepare as directed below.

For 'blow your socks off' soup, double the chili powder and add a teaspoon of red pepper.

Mama Bear's Mexican Trail Bean Diet Soup Recipe for Three


3 cups of prepared pinto beans - with bean juice
2 Tablespoons of chili powder

1 Teaspoon of ground cumin

1/2 cup of diced onions - any variety

1/2 cup of diced bell pepper - any color

Salt & Pepper to taste

Few springs of cilantro (optional, but it bonds the soup)

2 slices of raw bacon

Drain beans from bean juice carefully, if beans are still hot. Reserve the juice in a large pot.  With a potato masher, mash the beans slightly, then return to the pot with juice. Add remaining ingredients to the pot.  Continue to cook the prepared beans with the seasonings, adding a bit of water if necessary.  Be sure to stir often. Soup should become very thick.

Remove the bacon strips before transferring into bowls - or you can leave it in according to your personal taste. Add an additional sprig of cilantro to top of soup for presentation, if desired.

Calories: 1/3 of the recipe contains a mere 255 calories and minimal fat (from the bacon).  Enjoy with a wedge of cornbread sprayed with no calorie butter.  You'll feel full for hours later.  Beans are packed with fiber, and fiber works to keep us filling full, longer.

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