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While the payoff for weight loss might be grand, the payment for weight loss can be an unpleasant ride. True, we can make the ride as positive as possible while we are losing weight, but our bodies still react to weight loss in many times, painful ways.  

Here are just a few things to expect while dieting:

Hunger pains, sometimes persistent, bad breath, emotions running high or low, frustration soreness from exercise, and even anger over having to lose weight.  

The good news is that there for every negative there is a positive when it comes to weight loss - so hang in there!

Bad Breath While Dieting

Bad breath is a common symptom experienced among many dieters.  Bad breath in dieters often appears its worst when the tummy is empty, the odor thus originating from the digestive track.

To ward off bad breath chew on a sprig of parsley or a stick of gum.  A low calorie snack may also fight off diet breath.  Be sure to eat breakfast because skipping not only slows down the metabolism, it also worsens diet breath.


Identifying Hunger While Dieting

You're on a diet and suddenly, you hear a noise in your tummy.  Could it just be those digestive juices flowing or, are you really hungry?  

You're on a diet and suddenly, you feel like you want a block of chocolate.  Are you just craving chocolate or, are you really hungry?

If the tummy is rumbling, it's calling out for food in most cases - so it's feeding time.  But a craving may actually be 'just a want and not a need' for food.  Listen to your body talk - and always be certain before you eat that you are truly hungry. Learn to identify hunger and you hold one of the most important keys to weight loss!

Dieting - Cuddling Up To Constipation

Constipation is a drag - on your system and on your diet.  Unfortunately, constipation is a common ailment shared by many dieters.  Why?  Example:  If you've ever had a pet, what happened when you changed their diet? The majority of the time, they probably experience constipation or diarrhea.

Our bodies grow accustomed to a particular diet and in the weight loss phase, foods don't enter the body with the oil, fat and bulk of yester-diet.  The body's response is sometimes painful constipation.  Try the following remedies for mild constipation, but if you find you're not going anywhere - then see your doctor without delay.

Natural Home Remedies for Constipation While Dieting

Here is our check off list relating to items that often put the dieter at risk for constipation:


-Adequate fluid intake, particularly water.

-Are you getting enough activity?

-Are you balancing dairy products with foods that are packed with fiber?

-Are you eating enough foods with fiber?

-Do you have a specific time set aside for potty time?

-Do you often find yourself having to prolong potty time due to certain circumstances - such as being at work when nature calls?

Some key notes regarding constipation:

Moving about during the day generally helps those with constipation woes because when you're moving on the outside, so is your insides.  Sufficient water in the intestinal track will also boost the bowels into action.  Also, try setting aside a specific time for private time with your potty which helps to establish regularity.

Adding fiber to your diet will also set your system into motion.  Nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables are all great choices when it comes to fiber.

My Diet's a Gas

Is your diet a gas in an unfun way?  Believe me, talking louder won't hide that natural gust.  Unfortunately, uncomfortable gas is a common ailment shared by many dieters.  The dieter is suddenly consuming healthier foods and in general, healthier foods contain a good bit of gas.

Corn, broccoli, cauliflower, melons, beans, brussel sprouts, eggs, prunes, onions, peppers, radishes, cabbage - and the list goes on and on.  There are some great over the counter gas-busters, so if you're filling up with gas, you may wish to consider these to help stomp out the problem.  

The good news is that as dieting progresses, the body adjusts to the new foods and gas becomes less of a problem for many dieters.  If you are experiencing painful gas that won't go away, see your doctor without delay.

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