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Written by Thin Thin

Locked in Diet Limbo, But it Won't Last Forever


Is your diet going nowhere - sitting stalled out and smoldering on the Old Diet Trail?  Although you may feel like it is, your diet is going through a very normal, very necessary phase commonly called the Weight Loss Plateau.

So don't jump off a Diet Cliff just yet!  Good things are to come if you'll just ride out the storm.  

From my personal weight loss experience, the Weight Loss Plateau hit at the point of every 10 pounds that I lost.  I'd think I wasn't going anywhere on my diet - then bing!  

The payoff was big in terms of weight loss. I would enter a Weight Loss Plateau at approximate 10-pound increments, and the weight stubbornly came off - but eventually it did.

Payoff was the next ten pounds that came off so quickly, I was barely able to get a grip by the time the next Weight Loss Plateau reared its ugly mound.

But once I had solved the Weight Loss Plateau's puzzle, I knew what to do - hang on for my Diet Life because the rewards would be great in the form of quick weight loss once I made it to the top of the plateau.

How Many Weight Loss Plateaus Can You Expect To Experience While Dieting?

In my personal experience, everything came in ten's when dealing with the Weight Loss Plateau.  Keep in mind that I lost over 100 pounds. Here is a concise summary of how the Weight Loss Plateau impacted my diet:


1. Lost 10 pounds in record time!

2. The next ten pounds, I was stalled and starving on the Weight Loss Plateau.

3. The next ten pounds melted off in record time!

And the cycle followed me until I reached my weight loss goals about 100+ pounds later.

The Good Weight Loss Plateau

Although it's hard to believe, getting stuck for a while on the Weight Loss Plateau is a very good thing.  The body's ability to drop weight must be done at a cautious pace.  If an individual were to suddenly drop 25 pounds, they risk being dropped six-feet-under.

Our bodies are wise - smarter than our little brains are at times.  By slowly shedding weight and adjusting to all the healthy changes, the body is simply catching up. So many things to balance - healthier food intake - ditching excess pounds and more adjustments.  Stick with it!  The payoff is big in regards to weight loss and overall health.

The Bad Weight Loss Plateau


Although the Weight Loss Plateau is good in allowing the body to adjust to weight loss, it's bad in the area of having to ride out one's patience while the 'weight loss metamorphosis' occurs.

Batten the hatch and buckle in, because although you will feel this is a slow ride, the Weight Loss Plateau will be your most ominous challenger on the Road to Weight Loss.   Stick with it!

Finding the Perfect Diet

With all the diets and weight loss programs on the market these days, it would appear that finding the perfect diet would be an easy task.  However, because there are so many diets to sift through, it actually makes choosing the perfect diet a not-so-easy thing to do!  

Consider safety and overall quality of health before choosing any diet plan - and it's a great idea to get your doctor's input before striking out.


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