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Best Fast Food Choices When Dieting

Written by Thin Thin


If fast food calls - for whatever reason while dieting, the following menu choices make a healthier choice calorie-wise and won't blow your diet plan.

Taco Bell - Beef Taco for 140 calories each

Subway - Veggie Delight, 6-inch about 220 calories (try it, you'll love it!)

Long John Silvers - Chicken Planks - 150 calories each

Burger Joints - Rather than ordering the regular or large-sized burgers, order a kiddie burger with mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion.  Most contain about 300 calories; if you add cheese then estimate 400 calories.

Fast Food Calories for Common Menu Favorites

Pizza - While some pizza restaurants make a 200-calorie per slice of cheese pizza, others ring-in at 300+ calories. For the basic slice of pizza, calculate 250 calories to be on the safe side.

Onion Rings - These little golden jewels contain about 350 calories for a small pack of 10.

Fries - Again, depending upon the fast food establishment or eatery, calories will vary. On average, fries contain about 10 calories each, much like a bag of potato chips.

Beverages - These may hold more calories than the meal itself when super-sized.


Fast Food Schedule for Weight Loss

When choosing a diet plan that is perfect for you, consider devising a schedule that includes the calories and fat content of your favorite fast foods.  We never know when we'll have to do a drive-by due to time constraints, festive occasions OR simply when a fast-food craving occurs.

By creating a personal list of your favorite fast foods, you'll be able to make choices that won't blow your diet plan.

In addition, when dining out with your honey, a friend or family member consider sharing an entree. For example, Dick and Jane went to Arby's for lunch. Jane loves their onion rings which are fried to perfection BUT her hips and thighs love them too. Dick also enjoys the onion rings but has no issues with his weight. He's tall and on the thin-side.

Because of his larger size and caloric needs for the day, he orders the larger Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich. Jane orders the small burger from their value menu - one that kids often enjoy. It's much smaller than their popular roast beef sandwich, but has identical flavor.

Dick also orders a large fountain drink and a side of onion rings. At their table they share the drink and Jane also enjoys just a few of the onion rings. She's had her 'onion ring fix' and is fully satisfied. And her small Arby's burger was packed with lean beef and contained a minimal of calories.

Keep in mind that if you share and you're still hungry - you can always go back for more. As to fast food leftovers, they don't tend to keep well and taste best fresh.


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