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Daily Diet - Planning Healthy Family Meals

Written by Thin Thin


Cooking has always evoked memories of our past, and what better gift could one give to their family than the Gift of Health!

Planning healthy meals for the family can be much easier these days.  On the other Diet Hand, it can be more difficult than ever before!  

Fast food abounds - not only on the sides of our quaint city streets, but in the halls and aisles of our favorite food markets.  

Quick foods, fast foods, blink-your-eye-and-it's-done foods, most packed with more sodium, fat and salt that you can shake a Diet Stick at.

Daily Diet Tips to Keep Your Family Healthier

- To keep your family healthy, get back to the basics - cooking foods as close to their natural states as possible.

- Switch to healthier margarine or to the no calorie butter spray to help cut fat.  

- Opt for whole grains, fresh vegetables seasoned with your favorite spices, and desserts compiled with fresh, canned or frozen fruits.


- For meats, use only lean cuts and trim off all visible fat.  

- Drag out the grill and make meal time a family affair to remember.

- Prepare foods as basically as possible. Place spices and other foods that compliment the food on the table so that your family members can personalize their meal.

For example, Jenny prepared chili with extra lean ground beef for her family. Her son doesn't like tomatoes so she omitted them from her lower calorie chili recipe and placed a bowl of finely chopped tomatoes on the table so that other family members could add them if desired.

Her daughter is only six years old and can't tolerate spicy foods so Jenny omitted the more spicy additives and made the chili mild. Peppers, chili powder and hot sauce will be placed on the table so that other family members can get spicy.

Her husband Jack doesn't like beans in his chili and prefers extra beef. Jenny will place a bowl of beans on the table so that her son and daughter can add beans as they love them in their chili. Jack will also get his serving of extra beef.

Jenny also places the following foods on the table so that her family can personalize their meal: bread, crackers, cheese, chili sauce, peppers, salt, pepper, corn chips, beans, and hominy.  


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