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Daily Diet - Family Members With Special Dietary Needs

Written by Thin Thin


Cooking presents a challenge when preparing meals for those individuals with special dietary needs.  

My father was a diabetic and I remember my mother saying quite often, "When he dies, it's going to be all my fault because of my cooking."  

She didn't quite know what to do because even when she cooked healthy, daddy couldn't contain himself.  He once asked a doctor if it was okay to eat 15 oranges and the doctor looked like he wanted to eat daddy.  

And I always considered my dad a very smart man - except when it came to conquering food.

My mom made an effort to meet with my dad's nutritionist to discuss the foods that best suited his needs.  It didn't mean that dad would be an angel and stick to the recommended daily diet; it did mean that mom put forth a notable effort in taking time to meet with his nutritionist to discuss dad's dietary needs.

If you are able to do this, it may be of great help in not only knowing which foods to prepare, but also in helping to better understand your loved one's condition.  


In time, my father passed on to that great dining hall in the sky, and if I had to bet, he's got all the angels busy cooking for him now.  

My mom's a basket-case from time-to-time, but she knows in her heart of hearts that she could only control dad's appetite to a certain degree. His health was in his hands. His appetite and love for food was beyond his control.

Tips & Suggestions for Individuals with Special Dietary Needs

- So if you find yourself in a situation where you are cooking for a family member - or a friend with special dietary needs, try to meet with their nutritionist or doctor.  

- Cook meals that are as health-wise as possible.  

- Encourage activity, as well as healthy snacks.  

- Suggest nutrition counseling for your loved one if they are unable to stick with the healthier diet.  

- But never, ever blame yourself when bad health takes someone that you love.


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