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Calories in Chips

Written by Thin Thin

Determining the calories in that serving of chips is as easy as looking on the package label.  However, there are times when that may be impossible - such as when dining out.  


And those little restaurant style tortilla chips can really add up!  And because most are out of this Diet World, it's hard to quit munching on them until the main entree arrives.

So during those times when you are away from those trusty labels, a good rule of Diet Thumb is:

-One chip generally equals about 15 calories.

Dips are another culprit that assists in tightening our hip-huggers. When given the option, substitute the following for fatty dips and cut calories and yes - fat:

-Run like a Diet Dear from the cheese dips OR dip into the lighter, reduced fat versions.

-Reach for the salsa rather than cream-based dips.


-Dips that are light, lite or reduced fat contain less calories.

-Baked chips cut calorie and fat content.

-Take care before diving into yogurt dips as some may contain more calories than full-blown dips.

-Bean dips may also be a healthy alternative to full-blown dips but may be very high in calories - depending upon the dip brand.

Light Weight, Light as a Feather!

The odd thing about our weight is that all of us start out in life at about the same weight - give or take just a few pounds.  

As time marches on, a spurt of growth may leave some of us leaner, and thinner than ever while many of us are doomed to eternal shortness.  

For most of us, food wasn't an important element during our childhood days. Mom and Dad had the dickens of a time getting us inside the house at dinner time as most of us would rather have played outdoors until the sunset and the booger bear came out.

And during our childhood there were so many foods that we may not have liked - but as time went on some of us even learned to love homemade fried liver and onions.


Then somewhere along life's path, some of us traveled down dangerous trails that led to unwanted pounds.  By the time that we had put on those unwanted pounds, we had become enchanted with the path - unable to venture back onto the more healthy Daily Diet Trail.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we never had to worry about gaining weight - if we were all light weights and light as a feather?  If we were all within just a few pounds of one another - even after we grew up?  If our weight was naturally amended to suit our frame size rather than our Passion for Food Size?

Yes - that would be wonderful and some day, perhaps achievable.  Until then, the following tips may be of help in keeping those pounds at bay:

-Incorporate those favorite foods into your daily diet plan and exercise control over serving size.  What's life if you can't live a little?

-Consider taking up an activity that you enjoy such as ballet, photography, skating, bowling - anything that will get you moving.

-Keep in mind that relaxation is equally important to activity when it comes to your good health.

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