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Diet Veggie Burger Recipe

Written by Thin Thin

-1/2 cup of smashed black beans


-1/4 cup of finely diced onion & mushroom that has been sauteed in no calorie butter flavored cooking spray

-Dash of the following: chili powder, ground cumin, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder (optional)

-Finely crushed bread crumbs.

-Egg white, slightly beaten.

Mix ingredients and mold into patties.  Dredge in egg white then press into crushed bread crumbs.  'Fry' in non-stick pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray until golden on both sides.


Thin Lizzy often climbs trees. Sometimes, Thin Lizzy climbs very high into the air using tall trees as little highways as she makes her way to the top. Rarely does Thin Lizzy venture out onto the limbs that jut off from the trunks of the tall trees.  


Thin Lizzy knows that if she were to trot out on a limb that she might fall and frighten a higher, or worse yet, bash her little brains out on the cold forest floor below.

Thin Lizzy serves as an example to dieters.  So many times, a dieter will choose a weight loss plan that they are familiar with - such as a diet plan with established menus, familiar healthy foods and moderate exercise.  They generally do very well until they lose to their goal weight, then fall right back onto that forbidden path - the one they were on before their diet.   Or, they become bored and slip back to their former eating habits.

But sometimes, a dieter will choose an exotic diet plan that spins around weight loss tips, foods and exercise requirements that they know little to nothing about.   In the beginning, the diet plan may seem adventurous and exciting.   Simply cutting back on the amount of food one eats can be boring and the dieter may feel that by choosing a more adventurous diet plan, that they will be more apt to stay focused and remain on the diet.

But the problem with unfamiliar diets is that once the dieter gets out on a limb, their diet becomes a little shaky.   Most adventurous diets are generally fad diets which restrict important foods that the body needs to properly and efficiently function. So the dieter generally falls off the Diet Limb and the diet goes down the tubes.

Thin Lizzy recommends that the dieter choose a solid, healthy weight loss plan that incorporates moderate exercise as well as relaxing moments. If the diet becomes boring, STOP and take stock before venturing out on that shaky Diet Limb.

When Healthy Vegetables Can Make You Fat


Just this morning I heard a recommendation which directed dieters to focus on vegetables for weight loss.

A great suggestion for dieters - but there are times when eating vegetables can add on pounds.

A serving of margarine, butter or oil can  transform those skinny green beans into big calories, big fat and big weight gain.

Added cream sauces and cheeses can also pack on pounds. Here are a few tips to help keep the healthy in your veggies.

- Reach for the no calorie butter spray rather than margarine or butter.   We love both these brands: " Parkay" & " I Can't Believe It's Not Butter". Both are spays - and both are deliciously buttery.

- Reach for the spice rack. Add crushed rosemary to potatoes, cinnamon to yams and lemon pepper to green beans for unique, tasty vegetable creations that will fit into most any diet plan.

- Reach for the Splenda or your favorite no calorie sweetener whenever you need a bit of sweetness added to a vegetable dish.  

Example: Add Splenda to yams, slaw and pickled beets rather than high calorie sugar.

- Reach for skim dairy products when creating your vegetable dishes, including soups.

A bit of canned pumpkin, a bit of skim milk, a bit of Splenda and a bit of pumpkin pie spices - and a bit of no calorie butter spray make a delicious soup - warm or cold.


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