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Calories in Eggs

Written by Thin Thin

1 Large, 76 kcals


Large Egg White - 17

Large Egg Yolk -  59

Frozen Egg Substitute -  25

Liquid Egg Substitute - About 60

Large Fried (using oil or butter) - About 95

Large Hard Boiled, 76

Large Poached, 76

Large Raw, 76

Large Scrambled (using oil or butter) - 100

Large Duck Egg, 155 kcals


Caviar, 45 Calories per Tablespoon

Dried Eggs - 1/4 Cup Contains about 125 Calories

Goose Eggs - 1 Large Egg About 225 Calories

Quail Eggs - 1 Egg Contains About 15 Calories

-A good way to slash kcals - as well as cholesterol is to use egg substitute.

These also work well in recipes. 

Egg Tips

- 2 whites to 1 yolk slashes calories and cholesterol

- boiled eggs - use whites in salads, tops of soups

Skinny Egg Recipe

- Stuff a toasted submarine bun with the following egg salad mix: 1 egg, 2 egg whites - boiled and chopped; bit of pickle relish, dash of mustard, salt, pepper and dash of celery seed. Add 1 Tablespoon of LITE Mayo.

Before adding egg salad to bun, toast the bun by spraying it with no calorie butter spray and place it non-stick pan until golden brown.  Allow to cool before adding low calorie egg salad.



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