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How Fussy is Your Fork?

Written by Thin Thin

Has your fork gotten a little out of hand lately? Too tough to handle? There's no controlling it?  Then we've got some tips that may help tame the fussiest of forks.


An unruly fork can demolish a diet plan.  Fussy forks have been known to stab into a cheesecake on their own, forgoing a healthy salad.  To help you control your fussy fork, the following tips may be of help.

- Before dining, plan your meal.  Don't deter - and stick to your Diet Guns, no matter how fussy your fork get.

- Allow your fussy fork to indulge occasionally.  Giving your fussy fork a reward for being good is an excellent training tool in mastering the fussy fork.

- Your fork may be fussy due to on-the-go dining.  Fussy forks like to sit down and slowly enjoy all the good foods before them.

- Sometimes, a fork may go fussy about a week into the diet plan.  In the beginning, the fussy fork was curious as to all the new foods on its tines. But during the Diet Week Two Phase, it may long for foods of Daily Diet Yesteryear.  

If this appears to be the case, continue to stick to your diet plan.  Trust us - your fussy fork will adjust and will grow to love the healthy foods it thrives on - because the longer than you're around, the longer your fussy fork will be around.  

And with all that healthy eating, you can plan on being around a long longer.

Weight Loss & the Food Pyramid


The Food Pyramid can help simplify weight loss as well as weight management by providing recommendations based on foods that promote a healthy body.

Put simply: A healthy diet equals a healthy body.

A dieter should always make an effort to consume at least the MINIMAL Food Pyramid recommendations to ensure safe weight loss.

We note however, that the Official USDA Food Pyramid has evolved over the years. In simple terms, the Food Pyramid is not set in stone and is continually updated to reflect proven studies and data which increase the overall level of health.  Even so, it is the best pattern for a healthy diet that currently exists.

How many servings for each Food Group in the Food Pyramid?

Milk, Yogurt & Cheese Food Group: 2-3 Servings

Fruit Group: 2 - 4 Servings

Bread, Cereal, Rice & Pasta Group: 6-11 Servings

Fats, Oils & Sweets - Use Sparingly

Vegetable Food Group: 3-5 Servings

Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs & Nuts Group: 2-3 Servings



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