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Written by Thin Thin

Although one-food diets aren't a healthy option for weight loss, enjoying meals that contain one-food-items can be deliciously filling and healthy!


One food options also keep food choices at bay, therefore assisting the dieter locked in Diet Temptation Mode. Here is our favorite one food meal:

-Cheeseburger prepared with real cheese (70 calories) and the leanest hamburger at the local market.  We keep our patties very thin and add lots of lettuce, tomato, sliced onion and sauteed mushrooms.

Opting for mustard also slashes calories.  We also use a whole grain bun and blot the meat before topping it with real cheese.  Blotting away the excess oils reduces the calories in the cheeseburger.

Although many dieters might back away from a cheeseburger, if you think about it - the cheeseburger incorporates many of the food groups from the Official Food Pyramid:

-Bread - Grain group.
-Cheese - Dairy group.
-Lettuce, Tomato, Mushrooms, Onion - Vegetable Group
-Meat, Protein Group


One large cheeseburger prepared with extra lean ground beef as described above contains about 400 calories. Veggie patties are an alternative for the hamburger meat and may be crisped up by 'frying' in non-stick butter spray.

Calories in the cheeseburger may be cut further still when opting for a smaller hamburger bun.

Other one-food meals include: egg rolls and burritos.

Low Weight by Smacking Those Snacks

No, we're not referring to smacking our lips, rather blasting snacks down to size for weight loss. This article includes a list of our five favorite snacks for weight loss.

Eliminating snacks entirely from your diet plan may help speed up weight loss but if you're a former heavy snacker, incorporating snacks into your diet plan may actually boost your weight loss success.

Doing such familiarizes the dieter with something common - something they enjoyed in pre-diet life. And that's a good thing.

Our Top Five Snack For Dieters:


1. Fresh fruit! The following contain less that 50 calories: 1 kiwi, 4 kumquats, 1 guava, 3/4 cup of honeydew melon, 1/2 grapefruit, 3/4 cup of cantaloupe, 3 small apricots, 1/2 medium apple, 1/2 cup cherries, 1 plum, 1 peach, 1 tangerine, 1 cup strawberries.

2. Quaker Oats Popcorn Cakes - A lot of jokes circle the Diet Village regarding rice and popcorn cakes, but what a Diet Deal for less than 60 calories per serving for most flavors.

Very tasty and satisfying. We enjoy the caramel flavor with light cranberry cocktail juice.

3. The 100-calorie prepackaged snacks. It's hard to screw up a diet when the servings are pre-measured.

4. A cup of skim milk whipped in the blender with a teaspoon of your favorite extract and a couple of spoons of Splenda.

5. Fresh vegetables!

The following contain less that 25 calories per serving and make a crunchy good diet snack: 1 raw carrot (about 30 calories), stalk of celery (about 10 calories), 1/2 cucumber (about 20 calories), mushrooms (about 20 calories per 1/2 cup), radishes (about 10 calories per 1/2 cup).

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