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Written by Thin Thin

Many pies are a work of art!  Little nuts, and honey, berries, fruit, and rich puddings buried into a floured shell.  


Although these pieces of Food Artwork can be true masterpieces, they can turn a dieter's weight loss plan from Rockwell to Picasso in the time it takes to eat one nice wedge of one of the worse pies to eat while dieting.

When we think of pies, desserts fly to mind, but there are indeed other rapturous pies of intrigue filled with chunks of chicken smothered in gravy, and a homely little pie called a Shepherd's pie which is quite delicious.

Our list incorporates both sweet and non-sweet pies and here she goes: Pecan, raisin and mincemeat pies contain more calories than the moon does holes.  

The dieter should also run from cheesy quiche pies, taco pies, chicken pot pies particularly from fast food restaurants, and any type of fried pie.

How many calories do the 'worse pies to eat while dieting' contain?  

On average, from 500 to 850 calories per slice OR serving! That's based, by the way, on 1/8th of a pie.  

And that cute little chicken pot pie served up by the Colonel at KFC?  About 770 calories.



Foods that contain the most calories are those that contain sugar and fat, including many dairy products, such as cheese and whole milk.

Lean meats, particularly fish, vegetables, fruits - even whole bread contain minimal calories.

Example: 1 Moon Pie contains 330 calories OR - enjoy ALL of the following for about 350 calories:

1 Bag of frozen vegetables prepared with no calorie butter spray

3 ounces of lean fish with light tartar sauce

1 slice of whole grain bread

1/2 a cantaloupe

While trying to lose weight, opt for the foods that are as close to natural as can be such as raw fruits, raw vegetables, roasted meats, particularly fish. Best breads are those that are packed with grain.   For dairy needs, always reached for skim which will provide nutrition while lowering calories.



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