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Weight Loss & the Exercise Factor

Written by Thin Thin

Weight Loss Tips for a Fitter You, The Exercise Factor for Weight Loss


Yesteryear, men and women toiled hard in the earth-fields growing crops, making candles and little cotton dresses. They worked their hiney's off, literally. But as time moved forward technology progressed, and man's ecosystem suddenly shifted. What generally happens when an ecosystem experiences a change?  

Those that adapt to the changes may live to tell the story another day. They may thrive and live a better life than yesteryear. But those in the species who choose not to adapt to accommodate changes in their ecosystem may not survive over time.

With that said, when our ecosystem changed (thus making our tasks easier on the bod) little else changed to match this new pace. Man settled back and thought, " Gee! Now I don't have to work my hiney off anymore because all of this new-fangled equipment and machinery is making my life easier."

And the hiney grew and grew and grew until the new-fangled equipment and machinery begat another technological cousin: Exercise machines and exercise equipment which delivered the same grueling challenges that the work of yesteryear presented, only in the privacy of a closed-in facility rather than the old way - that being, breaking sweat in the Great Outdoors.


Most of the globe seeks cushie jobs - those jobs where one sits and ponders most of the day. Little movement is required, except walking into the building and back out again - discounting those trips to the snack machines, restroom  and lunch room and a bit of computer thumping.

So what is a person to do?  

Sad but so, we must all learn to incorporate activity into our daily routine as in the old days to correct our ecosystem. The good news is that we no longer need to make the activity 'work time'. We have so many good things to help make activity time, fun time. Here are just a few suggestions to help get regain control of a tinier hiney:

Get involved with a club or group - anything from a church hiking club to an independent baseball team.

Go shopping. If you're a guy, head to the hardware and/or tool store. Most stores are huge these days and strolling around can be a fun thing - and a good thing for your body.

Enjoy any of the fun activities: swimming, skiing, bowling, shooting hoops, hiking, hula-hooping, dancing and jumping rope.

Or do a bit of activity making healthy foods in your kitchen. Kneading bread, whipping egg whites and even throwing a grill party outdoors will inject enjoyable activity into your daily life.



Always get your doctor's approval and recommendation before beginning any weight loss plan.

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