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Weight Loss Motivation Equals Weight Loss Success

Written by Thin Thin

Tired of your bland, boring diet that's absolutely NO FUN at all? Then welcome to our Diet Neck of the Woods!


Naturally, if you're setting off on a Weight Loss Quest, you may feel a bit apprehensive, a bit uncertain and unsure of the things to come. You may even feel a bit scared. And you probably have a gazillion questions.

Will I succeed at weight loss this time? How long will it take me to reach my weight loss goals? Will I miss my favorite foods and will I be able to resist them when Mister Diet Temptation comes knocking, knocking, knocking at my Pantry Door?

How long will my diet last? How uncomfortable will those hunger pains become? How will I look once the weight is whittled away? How will my weight loss transformation effect the people around me?

Needless to say, Thin Thin will assist in making your Weight Loss Quest a fun, exciting adventure. No need to feel abandoned, alone or frightened in our Diet Woods, because ours is a happy, Robin-Hoodish setting that includes so much Weight Loss Merry that you may think you've entered Weight Loss Heaven. We'll rob our former Fat-Rich, Fat Calorie daily diet plan  - giving good health and well-being to our life going forward. And with those pesky pounds abandoned on the way to Nothingham, we'll also attain a longer life span, and feel better in the process. And who doesn't need a little energy?

And on your Weight Loss Quest you'll discover all sorts of fun weight loss tips, weight loss recipes, weight loss suggestions and weight loss motivation to help liven that dull diet plan, or that will invigorate new visions of weight loss.  No more contemplating losing weight - because the time is now!


Weight Loss Motivation Equals Successful Weight Loss - Down With Boring Weight Loss Plans!

Weight loss is often accompanied by a simple diet plan but that simple diet plan isn't so simple as time goes by and Diet Boredom settles in. That simple diet plan suddenly becomes a very hard thing to do, making weight loss a total drag. All motivation to lose weight suddenly gets buried along the Weight Loss Trail, one pebble at a time. If a weight loss plan isn't fun, it's just not going to last because it's difficult to get emotionally charged when surrounded by the mundane Weight Loss Plan.

Life feeds on life; life filled with good moods feeds on great ideas; great ideas feeds on motivation. Without motivation, life becomes stagnant; basically dead except for those basic motions mirrored by all living things - breathing, eating, sleeping and so forth. Therefore, to keep our Weight Loss Dreams alive and charged, we must find that special something that will add fuel to our Weight Loss Plan - a special something that will add motivation to lose weight. And we need to lose the weight in a healthy manner in order to avoid future health issues that may supersede overweight issues.

Healthy dieting is based on the official food pyramid, a rather primitive and simple Diet Tool. The Food Pyramid is filled with little compartments - rooms of sorts. Each room has been identified by the types of Food Groups necessary in meeting the daily vitamin and nutrient requirements of our body. Food Pyramid Rooms include: The Groovy Grain Group, The Dashing Dairy Group, The Fruitful Fruit Group, The Powerful Protein Group and the Viking-Legs Vegetable Group. And who doesn't like Viking Legs? Well, then again....

All of us have a little Food Pyramid of sorts resting inside our bodies. Yes, it's invisible, of course - just like our appetite button. Your personal Food Pyramid is unique and differs greatly from other individuals' personal Food Pyramids. Why so? Because your personal nutritional requirements differ. They are based on several factors, including: age, muscle mass, current weight, activity level, body frame size, gender, genetics, current state of health and conditions that require certain nutrients, stress level, and your personal nutritional requirements are even based on the climate in which you live.

Therefore, discovering the foods that best meet your body's nutritional requirements is key in losing weight and knowing such can fuel your weight loss plan with intense Weight Loss Motivation. A great place to begin discovering your nutritional requirements based on your calories needs are the links below:

1,000 Calorie Chart | 1,200 Calorie Chart | 1,400 Calorie Chart |   1,600 Calorie Chart | 1,800 Calorie Chart | 2,000 Calorie Chart | 2,200 Calorie Chart |   2,400 Calorie Chart | 2,600 Calorie Chart  | 2,800 Calorie Chart |   3,000 Calorie Chart | 3,200 Calorie Chart | Estimated Calorie Needs 

To assist in determining your calorie needs, use these links: MEN'S WEIGHT CHART | WOMEN'S WEIGHT CHART


The If you have thoughts of weight loss and actually act on those thoughts, you will be doing a rare thing! Sad but so, most of us keep putting off the things that we don't like to do until a later date, which for many includes 'weight loss'.

Our body is no different than a door that needs to be repaired. The longer the door sits in neglect, the rustier it grows. And the longer that our body remains in neglect, the bigger it grows and the rustier and rustier it gets. Please don't delay with your Weight Loss Dreams, because delaying can lead to even more weight gain and has the potential to turn your Weight Loss Dreams into a Living Nightmare. The sooner that the door is repaired, the easier it is to repair. And the sooner that weight loss begins, the easier that weight loss is accomplished.

Indeed, Time has a way of adding pounds to our frame if we don't take charge. Many people who are overweight would be perfectly content to continue their eating habits if they could just stay at the same weight. But generally, most individuals who become overweight aren't able to remain at a set 'overweight weight'. They continue to add pounds on as time goes by.

You don't want this to happen do you? Of course not! Will weight loss be easy? NO! Losing weight is hard stuff - not for cry babies. Only the strongest of the strong succeed when losing weight, and in keeping it off. You must be tough, you must be strong and yes - success will be yours! It IS there....waiting ON YOU to make that first move.

Do the rare thing! Set your weight loss goal now and move forward to get off the weight once and for all! Make this your absolute LAST diet! When one feels better, they are more inclined to climb to that pinnacle of motivation. And YES you can climb to that highest peak of Weight Loss Motivation! You CAN lose weight! You CAN lose weight and maintain your new, healthy weight! Do it for you!


Always get your doctor's approval and recommendation before beginning any weight loss plan.

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