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The Stone Age Caveman Diet

Written by Thin Thin

Well, it had to start somewhere, I suppose. Long ago, before crème filled cupcakes and cheese-covered broccoli were invented, Cavemen & Cavewomen enjoyed a diet rich in protein, the omega 3-s, vegetables, fruits, nuts & berries.  Or did they?


Nonetheless, raw diet was king and queen.  In time, cavemen progressed to the fatted dinosaur diet, but were satisfied nicely by the raw diet and all the gifts that Mother Nature had to offer.

Needless to say, it was a very wild raw diet. There were no donut shoppes to be found, or even bakeries for that matter. How, oh how, did they survive?

And how did the Cavemen know what foods to eat in their diet?  Many things might appear tasty, only to end up deadly.  Woe to the taste (i.e. poison) tester of the unfamiliar raw foods.

And what about nutrition? How did the Cavemen know what their bodies needed in order to maintain energy and vigor so that they could pull women by the hair and run from horny dinosaurs?


Did they enjoy a balanced diet? Or, was the Caveman diet the means of an early fate?

Or did the cavemen end up as the dinosaur's diet?

These throbbing questions are all answered throughout the pages of this section of Thin Thin.

This information is so good, so juicy, and so much fun that it should be made into a controversial national magazine.

On that note, we hope this site provides you insight and thought to your diet & to your dietary needs.  

A fun diet is a successful diet!  And a diet consisting chiefly of raw foods may indeed toss your current diet out of modern times and back into the stone age while adding years to your life.


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