Diet Boot Camp - Diet Tips for Weight Loss Success

Written by Thin Thin

HUP!  Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten to the rear....

Your Drill Instructor - Sergeant Slaughter

"This is Sergeant Slaughter!  Put that donut down! Yes YOU, Diet Soldier!

Do you want to lose weight?  Well, just how tough are you?  If you cry easily, or if you have a non-diet attitude then fall out!  If not, and you are serious about ditching your overfilled tank, then fall in!  Hup - Two, Three, Four!"

Trying to lose weight and don't know where to start? Thin Thins Diet Boot Camp is very aware of all the obstacles that can block your path to Weight Loss and we try our best to provide you with the Diet Ammo that you'll need to come out on top.

Winning the Weight Loss Battle isn't easy. The road may be filled with tempting cheeseburgers and escaped snakes, BUT when you are aware of what might be ahead, it provides an advantage - an advantage that will help put you over the finish line!

Sergeant Slaughter - who is more bark than bite will use his savvy weight loss tips to help get you through Diet Boot Camp so you can move forward  to meet your weight loss goals. 

So grab a diet soda, or a cup of healthy skim milk, and settle in to explore this unique informational dieting site.  Now, let's get started, shall we?

Dieting, Get Your Gut in gear

Just look at you, you with the big overhang in front of you. You, tired, lethargic, tv-watching person you!!!

And just look at that butt. What are you trying to do to yourself? Work up to a sumo-wrestler's size?

Sit up straight when I'm talking to you, soldier!  

You know what you need? You need a new attitude - a new food attitude!

The Daily Routine of the Diet Soldier

We're going to work off that gut AND that butt. You're going to start breathing out of your nose rather than your mouth.  

You're going to start saying no to sugar and yes to veggies, and no to butter, and yes to lean unfried meat.

So turn off the tube, grab your walking boots that look brand new, even though they are ten years old, and let's hit the trail, soldier! We're headed out for diet training maneuvers!


Dieting, Surrender To Thin

Don't fight it! Give in to Thin. Your body is crying to break out of the fat mold that it's currently sealed in - one that you constructed BTW.

Some tips to help you get to Thin:

12_o.gifThink before you grab that 'no no' food item.  

12_o.gifStart walking and marching more. Buy a pet for motivation if you need to. I walk my eagle every day.

12_o.gifDevelop a taste for fresh veggies and fruits. Make sure you wash those insecticides away!  Always check your fruit for worm holes.

The Daily Routine of the Diet Soldier

Diet Medal of Honor 12_o.gifDrink water rather than beer, whiskey or ale. Yes, that's easier said that done - but it can be done!

12_o.gifToss that iron skillet into a donation basket along with your other small, but deadly, frying appliances.

12_o.gifBuy some music that you can play while you are exercising.

12_o.gifToss out the iron!  The iron skillet, that is. Why? Because odds are, it's your frying machine and when dieting, you need to hide from fried. Once you have your weight under control, dig that skillet back up. You'll benefit from the iron on those rare frying occasions. Let's go forward, Diet Soldier!

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