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Fruit Group Recipes - Inexpensive to Prepare

Written by Thin Thin

Low Calorie Recipes that are Budget Friendly, Inexpensive, Cheap & Easy to Prepare with Minimal Ingredients

Inexpensive Meals From the Fruit Food Group - original recipes created in our humble Kitchen


Carrot & Raisin Salad with Roasted Chicken Legs: Oh mama! This gorgeous orange salad is so yummy and so inexpensive to create.

Deli markets sell this salad for 10 times the amount of money that it takes to prepare. And it only takes a few minutes. Simply grate the carrots and add a few healthy goodies.

As a note, baby carrots are more expensive at the market than whole carrots.

I used to think that they were a specially grown species of carrots - but not so. I was so disappointed to learn this - as disappointed as when I learned that the King James Bible was written based on the English gift of gab and that the people featured in the stories didn't have the same accent. The 'come ye' and 'wherefores' and 'whither's' - the language is so poetic and beautiful.

Nonetheless, back to our baby carrots. The process involves removing the outer layer of the whole carrot. Next time you purchase a bag of whole carrots, cut one in half and look at the rings inside.


The inner ring is what becomes the commercial baby carrot.

With experience in the kitchen I have learned that whole carrots are more colorful than baby carrots when cooked. And they are sweeter and more delicious in soups and stews - and yes, even in our carrot and raisin salad. I hope you enjoy this simple, budget-friendly recipe.

Chicken Salad with a Fruity Twist: So easy to prepare with minimal ingredients. You can purchase a roasted chicken at the market to speed-up preparation time.

Cranberry & Spinach Salad with Skinny Pork Chops: A delicious, inexpensive recipe that tastes great any time of the year. Cranberries aren't just for the holidays.

Chef's Skinny Salad: Tiny in calories but oh-so-big in flavors! Orange Chicken: After preparing and enjoying this recipe you just might say, "Orange I glad I did this?"

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