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Diet Tips, Making Smart Choices From the Official Food Pyramid Equals Weight Loss Success!

Written by Thin Thin

'The holidays are quickly approaching - And upon my diet, quickly encroaching.' ~ Thin Thin


The Official Healthy Food Pyramid - so many choices - so many healthy choices!

But unfortunately, the old Healthy Food Pyramid has a bit of competition these days because there is a brand new food pyramid on the Diet Block.

Let it be known that Thin Thin is the first to call this secretive food pyramid out from the shadows for a  thorough examination. It's name?

The Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid and although rather secretive, it's actually more used, as well as more popular than the Healthy Official Food Pyramid. And this is really gonna hurt....but it's also more loved than the Official Healthy Food Pyramid. Ouch.....

How familiar are you with the Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid?

And what is the composite of individuals who embrace this popular food pyramid? Probably not what one would assume. Individuals who embrace this unhealthy food pyramid can be any age - from tot to one in their golden years. T

hey may be thin, plump, fat or obese. Their current health level ranges from great to grave. Let's take a closer look by comparing both food pyramids.




Fruits closest to their natural state can be some of the sweetest healthy desserts on the planet! Almost-all are ultra low in fat and calories. Fruits to consider which contain about 50 calories per serving include: 1 cup of strawberries, 1/2 cantaloupe, wedge of watermelon, 1 small peach, 1/2 apple, 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce, 1/2 large banana, 1/2 grapefruit and 2 plums, 2 apricots or a small orange. Love that Vitamin C!


Raw fresh fruits have been abandoned or hidden beneath layers of fat and sugar. Some of the fruits housed in this room of the Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid include: fried apple pie, coconut cream pie, banana cake with cream cheese icing, dried fruits that have been heavily sweetened, chocolate covered cherries, and strawberry cheesecake.


So many healthy choices, all containing so few calories and so many healthy benefits - all so delicious! And hey - who needs to dress up a salad to enjoy a decent dinner? The Official Healthy Food Pyramid invites its vegetables to the table in their naked form, and are they yummy! And so many pretty colors and so many textures to enjoy: green peas, green broccoli, fluffy baked potatoes, crunchy lettuce and steamed corn on the cob!


The vegetables living in this room of the Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid lay hidden beneath layers of cheese sauce, butter, margarine, salad dressings, gravies, rich and salty chili and other meat sauces, and are often found frying for their dear lives in the Old Fat Vat. When taken to this Evil Layer, nutritional values are negated by the use of fatty additives.


The Protein Food Group consists of both animal and vegetable proteins and goes a long way in providing good muscle health. And speaking of muscles, muscle mass in the body takes more calories to support than fat - another great reason to add a healthy dose of activity and exercise to your daily diet. As to healthy protein choices for snack time, here are a few of our favorite proteins that are low in calories: boiled eggs, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter OR cashew butter OR hazelnut butter spread onto a stalk of celery, jerky that is naturally low in calories and fat; a healthy serving of pinto beans. Ah, now that is something worth tooting your Diet Horn about!


The Protein Food Group residing in the Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid contains battered and fried proteins such as fried chicken, chicken fried chicken, chicken fried steak, and fried liver. After the proteins spend time in the fryer until they are plumped-up with fat grams, they are transferred to the plate then receive a second dipping in sweet sauces, steak sauces, creamy dressings - all of which are loaded with fat grams and sugar content. Some proteins may be fried in evil butter to achieve a boost in flavor. It's heart attack good!


The Grain Food Group has taken a beating in recent years due to low carb fad diet plans. It's important to keep in mind that the definition of 'carb' is not set in stone. In the most basic sense, there are two groups of carbs to consider when making healthy choices for your diet: Simple Carbs & Complex Carbs. Simple Carbs tend to contain sugar and they are often white in color - but again, this is not set in Carb Stone. Simple Carbs more often than not contain empty calories and offer little-to-none nutritional values to the body. Healthy choices include: brown rice, whole grain pastas, whole grain bread, whole grain cereals and corn tortillas.


The Grain Food Group which resides in the Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid is filled will unhealthy forms of grain - most of which have been liberally bathed in a vat of fat and then rolled in the sugar pit. Offerings include: donuts, pastries, cinnamon rolls generally topped with more icing that Iceland has snow, cheesy garlic bread, crusts that are topped with more cheese and delectable sauces, white pasta topped with Alfredo and other creamy Italian sauces, tortillas filled with lard-based beans, fatty cuts of meat and cheese. Please pass another serving of heart attack?


Oh my, the Dairy Food Group is filled with healthy snack choices for dieters and offers many healthy benefits, particularly when it comes to bone health. Dairy Foods for snack time include: low fat cottage cheese, skim milk, reduced fat cheeses - including reduced-fat string cheese, reduced-fat cream cheese smeared on a few whole grain crackers, and low fat yogurt. Skim generally offers additional calcium benefits over regular varieties.


The Dairy Food Group residing in the Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid contains a plethora of fat. Rich egg nog, whipping cream, piles and piles of rich full-blown sour cream, and so many varieties of cheese that it would take a lifetime to count them all. Many times, the high-calorie dairy foods are hidden in other rich creations un the Evil Diet Food Pyramid.


The healthiest beverage is of course, water. Juice selections should be natural or lightly sweetened to keep calories in check as juice calories can be hefty. Milk, buttermilk and holiday nog should be skim, light or low fat versions. Sodas - always sugar free.


Serving sizes are rarely measured. Whole or regular dairy beverages are preferred over skim or low fat. Sweetened is the only ticket when it comes to soda. Sweetened juice is also on the menu.


Snacks are chosen from the Official Food Pyramid and remain as close to their natural state as possible to control fat and sugar content - the chief generator of calories in the daily diet. Raw fruits, raw vegetables, low fat or skim dairy foods, whole grains and lean proteins all make excellent snack choices.


Donuts, candy bars, full-blown sodas, fried pies, cupcakes, cookies, fried jalapeno peppers, fried cheese sticks and commercially prepared ooey-gooies generally comprise this section of the Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid .


Moderate exercise that an individual can stick to for the remainder of their life is the best prescription for a longer, healthier life - one filled with less physical pain, one with healthier bones, stronger muscles, less risk for illness and disease - and one that generates a more positive, happier thought process. No mental fog here! And one of the best exercises is one that most everyone can do - walking! Be sure to grab those comfortable shoes. Stretch!


The Unhealthy & Evil Diet Food Pyramid prescribes inactivity. But if one does decide to execute a bit of movement, it generally involves chasing down the television remote, opening the door to let the pet outside or chasing down the salt shaker for fries in need. Unhealthy benefits include: heart risk, weak muscular system, weak respiratory system, higher risk for disease.


A happy mind is a satisfied mind. A satisfied mind is a healthier body. A healthier body is one that generally thrives living longer, living stronger - and one that creates a positive influence on the people around them by setting a stellar example for all. Smoking, drinking, over eating, drugs - all those common vices are foregone for a healthier lifestyle.


Doing drugs has become a mockery. In fact, based on some of the skits on late-night tv, one could assume that anyone who doesn't do drugs isn't normal. What type of society have we become? An unhealthy one, for certain. Fact is, drugs in any form impact our mood and the way we feel - generally in a negative way.


Fast Food in moderation used to be fun. And in my hey-day, dining out was a rare treat. About once a month - if we were lucky, we'd go to the ice cream shop for a single-dipped cone. Or, we'd enjoy a soda at the drugstore along with a piece of pie. Or, we'd get a small burger at the hamburger joint (as it was called in my day). In moderation - yes. In obliteration - no. Unfortunately, fast food has obliterated the once-healthier American Diet.


What used to be a 4-6 ounce serving of soda has exploded into liters. What used to be a nice hamburger on a small bun has exploded into a triple decker loaded with cheese and Aunt Ruth's cow. And oh! It will only cost a few cents more for super sizing. That Later, well later comes the big pay-off in the form of doctor bills and medical ills.

Kids - Unfortunately, kids are getting fatter and fatter - to the point of 'out of Diet Control' and frankly, parents are frightened because they don't know what to do. After all, most are struggling with their own weight gain issues and can't solve those. And if an individual can't help their own self - helping another person, even a person that they love tremendously, is just about impossible.


Although parents generally get the blame - as well as begrudging accept the blame for their child's overweight condition, the schools these days actually deserve the bulk of the blame. They are the root cause for childhood obesity in our humble opinion. Poor kids - they wake up at dark-thirty to catch a bus and don't get home until after dark in the winter months. Most start the school year in better physical shape than they are when it ends.

Activity is minimal. Kids sit at a desk all day. They experience stress over not being allowed to do what they might otherwise prefer. That's never fun. And there is the stress of the grade structure - of tests. How would adults feel, being tested on a regular basis at work? There there is the teacher/student relationship - at times, things clash rather than click. And that peer pressure from other students - eeek.

And those school lunches - gee, some are plied with more calories and fat than should possibly be allowed! Foods get battered, buttered, deep fried, covered in sauces - all with the assumption that kids don't like healthy foods. Wonder why? And it's no wonder why many kids run to the machines for other options like soda, chips and candy bars. I mean.....have those people who plan the school menus ever took a good whiff of broccoli covered in cheese sauce? Have they taken a good gander of the burgers that hold more cereal-type ingredients than meat? Good, healthy food doesn't have to hide beneath batters, sauces and gravies - and it doesn't have to be difficult to prepare, or time consuming. Frankly (and franks are a very common menu item at school cafeterias) our kids deserve much better.

Mixing It Up - Another piece of the Diet Puzzle can be found among those individuals who desire a healthy diet, yet go overboard when it comes to inserting those foods into their daily diet. Rather than one egg which is the current USDA daily recommendation (and this includes all forms of egg consumed in the daily diet throughout the day), Health Nuts go a step forward by consuming 2-3 eggs and sometimes more with their turkey bacon, based on the thought, "It's an egg, so it has to be healthy," all the while with Mister Cholesterol gawking at them in the Diet Shadows.

Many Health Nuts go a step further, opting for popular diet plans, whether they need to drop pounds, or not. If it's popular, they are more often and not, the first in line. And being a guinea pig can render unwanted consequences. Some are yo-yo dieters, losing weight and then quickly regaining the weight - much of the time experiencing additional pounds along the 'weigh'.

When it involves good health, being logical and sensible about your daily diet plan should always be exercised. Even if a weight loss or diet plan is hugely popular, the plan could present serious health risks. Slow and steady always wins the Diet Race, and generally equals weight loss that stays lost.


In Diet Summary: Current health data indicates that although life span can be increased due to technology and medical advances, the Baby Boomer Generation is apt to have a shorter life span than their parents or their children due to years of a daily diet fortified with additives which caused harm to the body. Baby Boomers lived in the area where processed foods were introduced a-plenty and where tran fats knowledge had not yet reared its ugly head. Nitrates, smoked foods and even the seriousness of environmental negative health impacts (pollutants, second-hand smoking, etc.) were not yet born.

For those who are marching towards the half-century mark, if a healthy daily diet is embraced - so many healthy rewards are ahead. Many diseases are triggered by those unwanted and unnecessary pounds, in turn, creating a weaker body susceptible to disease. Health risks rise significantly with weight gain. If right NOW you will embrace a healthy diet combined with healthy exercise, a positive mood, ample relaxation/sleep and low stress could equal a long healthy life. There may be no future need as you age for medicines to control certain health issues - many of which trigger undesired symptoms, including death.

So live life to the fullest - and embrace a healthy diet which is rich in so many wonderful foods that are housed beneath the Diet Umbrella of the Official Food Pyramid. Although pound cake, cookies, donuts and so forth are tempting and yes - okay when enjoyed in minimal amounts in moderation - there is nothing like the flavor of a sweet, natural banana or a cup of berries or melon. So many delicious, natural, healthy benefits - including the probability of a longer life, and yours for the taking!

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