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Diet Hamburger Recipes - A Delicious Recipe for Diet Hamburgers

Written by Thin Thin

'The holidays are quickly approaching - And upon my diet, quickly encroaching.' ~ Thin Thin


Hamburgers have taken a beating when it comes to the perception of 'diet' and 'weight loss'. Fact is, a hamburger can be one of the healthiest foods on the Diet Menu. And so easy to prepare, as well as economical.

Nutritionally speaking, a hamburger contains foods from the good old Food Pyramid - our current pattern for a healthy daily diet plan. In fact, the ingredients contained in a hamburger fits nicely into 3 of the 5 basic food groups.

Add a slice of reduced-fat cheese, and a hamburger now satisfies 4 of the 5 basic food groups. Add a slice of avocado - botanically classified as a fruit - and the hamburger satisfies all of the basic food groups.

One of the chief reasons why the hamburger has received such low marks in the area of nutritional issues can be pinpointed to fast food eateries. Most use the cheaper cuts of ground beef which contain high levels of fat in addition to fillers that aren't the best nutritional values for the body.

The grade of ground beef used in the hamburger is the most important element in keeping flavor at its peak, as well as keeping fat grams and calories undercontrol. Sure, extra lean beef costs more than the cheaper grades, but it also goes farther because it contains far less fat and doesn't cook down to the size of a hockey puck.

As to calories and other nutritional values, let's take a look at different grades of ground beef taking note that the fattest cut of ground beef contains more than double the calories of the leanest cut, more than five times the amount of total fat grams, more than four times the amount of saturated fat and about one-third less proteinbenefits.



Grade of Ground Beef - Raw State

Serving Size - Before Cooked

Calories in Ground Beef

Fat Grams - Total Fat

Saturated Fat Grams

Monounsaturated Fat Grams

Polyunsaturated Fat Grams

Trans Fat Grams

Protein Grams

Cholesterol MG

95% Lean, 5% Fat

3 ounces

115 calories

4.25 g

1.913 g

1.829 g

0.219 g

0.290 g

18.21 g

53 mg

90% Lean, 10% Fat

3 ounces

150 calories

8.50 g

3.451 g

3.702 g

0.029 g

0.543 g

17.20 g

55 mg

85% Lean, 15% Fat

3 ounces

183 calories

12.76 g

4.989 g

5.575 g

0.218 g

0.795 g

15.81 g

58 mg

80% Lean, 20% Fat

3 ounces

216 calories

17.01 g

6.526 g

7.448 g

0.442 g

1.048 g

14.60 g

60 mg

75% Lean, 25% Fat

3 ounces

250 calories

21.26 g

8.064 g

7.339 g

0.442 g

1.300 g

13.40 g

64 mg


Diet Hamburger Recipe Hamburger Bun Tip #1: Opting for smaller hamburger buns can assist in keeping calories in check. Smaller buns contain about 90 to 130 calories each with big-boy buns typically ranging from 160 to more than 200 calories each, depending upon brand used. The size of the bun you choose for your hamburger will impact the final calorie content, but a bigger bun containing a few more calories can also allow room for more vegetables.


Diet Hamburger Recipe Hamburger Bun Tip #2: Opting for a whole grain hamburger bun will take your hamburger to a higher nutritional level. In addition, the extra fiber content of the bun can assist in keeping your feeling fuller for a longer period of time while assisting in digestive health.

Diet Hamburger Recipe Hamburger Bun Tip #3: To keep calories and fat grams to a minimum, we recommend toasting the bun in a very warm non-stick skillet without added fat (margarine, oil, cooking spray). However, if the bun tries to stick, add some cooking spray - preferably, butter flavored.

Diet Hamburger Recipe Hamburger Meat Tip #1: Start by using the leanest cut of ground beef available for your hamburger keeping in mind that as noted above, the fattier cuts of ground beef contain more than twice the calories of extra lean ground beef.

Diet Hamburger Recipe Hamburger Meat Tip #2: Three ounces is typically the standard size of ground beef for hamburgers, but you may prefer a little less, particularly if you prefer your hamburger meat on the thin size. Using two small sheets of wax paper, mash the meat as flat as possible. Cook on the stove top or grill. If cooked on the stove top, opt for a non-stick skillet using NO oil. If meat attempts to stick to pan, a bit of cooking spray can save the day.

Diet Hamburger Recipe Hamburger Vegetable Tips: The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding vegetables to your diet hamburger recipe. Almost all lettuce contains about 5-10 calories per cup - so use freely. Tomatoes are also very low in calories. One large tomato about 3" in diameter contains 33 calories; one medium tomato about 2-3/5" in diameter contains about 22 calories; one small tomato that is about 2-2/5th" in diameter contains 16 calories and one slice of tomato that is about 1/4" thick contains 4 calories. Another tasty option includes sun-dried tomatoes which will lend a sweet bite to the diet hamburger recipe.

Pickles are a popular hamburger recipe additive that are also low in calories, but pay particular attention to the sodium content which can result in water retention within the body. Water retention results in 'false weight gain' and can take 3 or more days to exit. One dill pickle that is about 4" long contains 16 calories and 1,181 mg of sodium. The current sodium consumption recommendation is 2,400 mg - so one innocent pickle will equal almost 1/2 of your daily recommended sodium intake.

Onions are yet another tasty vegetable to add to your Diet Hamburger Recipe and are very low in calories. One slice that is about 1/4" thick from a large onion contains 15 calories. It's not until onion rings are dipped in egg wash and batter, then deep fried that they become Deadly Diet Objects.


Other tasty foods that add flavor without adding a lot of calories to your Diet Hamburger Recipe include sliced mushrooms of all varieties and a slice of avocado, actually a member of the fruit food group as mentioned above. One large, basic button-type mushroom contains 5 calories. One whole Florida avocado contains 365 calories - and contains several slices. About 1/8th of the avocado should suffice for your Diet Hamburger Recipe. One California avocadocontains 227 calories.

Diet Hamburger Recipe Hamburger Dairy Food Group Tip: Adding cheese to your burger can add nutritional values from the all-important Dairy Food Group. Opt for low fat cheese which also adds a perk of more calcium benefits than its full-blown cheese counterpart.

Diet Hamburger Recipe - The Spread Factor

The spreads that we choose to add to our Diet Hamburger Recipe should be low in fat and calories because spreads containing a lot of fat and calories also generate spreads throughout the body. If you're a fan of Mayo, opt for light or reduced fat. A great choice is Light Miracle Whip which is very low in calories and offers a delicious flavor to the hamburger. Opting for ketchup and mustard (both or simply one) is also a very wise nutritional and low calorie choice.

Diet Hamburger Recipe Calorie Content

Time to calculate the calories in our Diet Hamburger Recipe. We opted for a 160-calorie hamburger bun to allow plenty of room for healthy vegetables. We also opted for 3 ounces of extra lean hamburger meat for a skinny 115 calories. We used zero fat to toast our hamburger bun and we added the following vegetables: lettuce, tomato and onion. We added a little sunshine to our hamburger rather than using Mayo. Total Calories for our Diet Hamburger Recipe equal 305 calories. Our Diet Hamburger Recipe is very filling and very low in calories and fat grams.

Fast Food Hamburger Calories

How does our Diet Hamburger Recipe compare to fast food hamburger calories? Let's take a quick-see:

The Burger King Whopper contains about 678 calories. The Burger King Cheeseburger contains about 790 calories.

The McDonald's Big Mac contains about 563 calories. The McDonald's Big n Tasty contains about 524 calories.

The Wendy's Classic Single Hamburger contains about 464 calories.

The Ruby Tuesday Colossal Burger contains about 1,943 calories. Ruby Tuesday's Classic Burger contains about 1,013 calories.

A & W's Papa Burger contains about 720 calories. A & W's Kid's Hamburger contains about 420 calories and 3.5 trans fat grams.

DQ Homestyle Burger contains about 350 calories. DQ Ultimate Burger contains about 780 calories.

Hardee's 1/3 Pound Thickburger contains about 850 calories. Hardee's Monster Thickburger (2/3 lb) contains about 1,410 calories & 107 fat grams. Hardee's Six Dollar Burger contains about 1,060 calories and 72 grams of fat.

Sonic Burger with Mayo contains about 630 calories. A Sonic Burger with mustard contains about 540 calories.

Denny's Classic Burger contains about 694 calories.

A Whataburger contains about 620 calories.

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