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Written by Thin Thin

If you're looking for healthy meal plans and menus that will assist with weight loss - you've just hit pay dirt - only ours are totally free (but a lot tastier than a plate of dirt).


We try to add to our number of menus on a frequent basis because there is always something tasty and light a-cooking in ThinThin's humble kitchen. Therefore, we hope that you'll visit this page often to see what's on the menu!

Fish Sticks, Sweet Slaw, Cornbread

Fish is fantastic and should be on the meal plate about three times per week. We have tips for dieters posted with this low calorie menu.

Flat Tacos

If you're feeling like you're craving a Mexican themed meal but are concerned about the price you would pay on your bathroom scales, we're here to assure you that you should be able to fit Mexican dishes into any healthy weight loss plan. There are just a few items that you'll need to keep you eye on; we'll spill the beans and share our list - while we show you how to prepare our delicious Flat Tacos. Did we mention that this is also a very inexpensive meal?

Snow Pea Stir Fry


Today we were in the mood for Asian food and that's a good thing when one is trying to lose the fat. Asian dishes tend to be very low in caloric values as well as fatty acid content when they are prepared in a healthful manner. We have tips and step-by-step directions for keeping the kcals minimal.

Foods to Enjoy at Fairs & Carnivals

While the autumn season tends to hold many opportunities for fairs, fests and carnivals - they can be seen threaded throughout the country all during the year - even during the coldest months when they are moved from The Great Outdoors to the Great Indoors. These events tend to focus on fried foods which aren't going to be a good mix for your reduction plan - but there are almost-always a few healthier choices that can be found; we have some dynamite tips for making the best choices.

Lunch at McDonalds

Oh  yes you can! We'll share what we ate on two different visits - and both of these meals can fit into most healthy plans that involve losing pounds.

More Free Diet Menus Created by ThinThin

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