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Body Cleansing or Detox Risks

Written by Thin Thin

Many individuals who are seeking a healthier body - whether it be in the area of eradicating harmful toxins or unhealthy layers of fat often turn to Body Cleansing and Fasting or Starvation to obtain the desired effects.


Both are popular, but do they work? And what are the risks to the human body? Let's address each of these areas individually.

Body Cleansing, Helpful or Harmful

Fasting is generally part of the program where body cleansing is involved, making the issue of ridding the body of harmful toxins contradictory because when an individual fasts - the body can release damaging toxins throughout the body.

Let's look at the facts, not the promises unleashed by manufacturers of these types of products who are more interested in their bottom dollar than in an individual's good health:

Health Risks Associated With Body Cleansing

1. The fat stores of the body accumulate toxins are time goes by; common environmental sources are often found within the stores such as PCB's, benzene and DDT.

About PCB's - a polychlorinated biphenyl


These were banned by the United States government in 1979 due to environmental toxicity. PCB's were commonly used as coolant fluids such as in generators and transformers. Controlled science studies have shown that PCB's have the ability to trigger cancer in animals and humans. Unfortunately, 90% of Americans have traces of PCB's housed within their body fat.

About DDT - dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane

This is an odorless, tasteless insecticide which is white in color. It's most common use is for agricultural purposes in controlling pests. It posed a major threat to birds and other wildlife and was linked to triggering cancer. It was banned by the government in 1972.

About Benzene - Ph-H

Benzene is classified as a hydrocarbon and a basic photochemical. It is highly flammable and holds a sweet odor and has carcinogenic properties. It is a common component of crude oil and gasoline.

2. As long as the above toxins - as well as other types of toxins remain housed within the body's adipose tissue, they are fundamentally harmless.


3. When fasting is entered into the picture, the adipose tissue begins to break down - thus releasing potentially harmful toxins into the body.

This is 'round 2', giving the toxins a second opportunity to do damage to the body cells.

The liver will deal effectively with the liberated toxins that have been unleashed by the fasting process as well as the intestinal track but not all will be eradicated. In this situation, those that were not remain liberated, circulating in the body where they have the ability to do major damage.

The result may be the influencing factor for certain types of cancer and other diseases. In summary - avoid body cleansing packets and programs which in the end will do more harm than good to your health. And this is based on facts - not a pitch to sell a product. Starving to Lose Fat Risks

Keynotes, Warnings

Body Cleansing may create an imbalance within the body as disruption of the vital electrolytes (sodium, calcium and potassium) are jeopardized, thus creating potentially life-threatening results.

In addition, any pounds that may be lost are quickly regained as they chiefly consist of water, body fluids and waste - not body fat. As the body struggles to regroup, the weight will quickly be regained.

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