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Still Naughty But Healthier Recipes

Written by Thin Thin

Lower Calorie Recipes for Comfort Foods

Due to the number of requests from those of you seeking healthier adjustments in common recipes which are high in calories and fat, this section is dedicated to you as well as those naughty recipes that add a bit of punch to life. Some are naughtier than others - but all are extremely delicious.

This isn't to say that one should make these recipes a part of their daily diet. It is to say that it's better to modify the naughtiest of recipes into a healthier end-result than not.

And we've done our best in modifying the high fat and high calorie ingredients in an effort to create that healthier recipe but even so - many of these modified recipes remain on the corner of Sugar And & Fat Valley - so please exercise caution before enjoying and be sure to exercise after enjoying.

Some of the recipes that you'll find in this section include tasty desserts such as rum cake, eggnog cake, and cheesecake. We've even included fried foods because they have become engrained in the daily diet to the point that it's better to enjoy them with healthy modifications than enjoy them in their 'full blown' state.

Naughty Recipes Splashed With a Dash of Healthy Goodness

Quick Decedent Cake Recipe

Quick & Easy Rum Cake Recipe

Holiday Cheese Roll Recipe

Butterscotch De-Light Recipe

Cherry Bliss Recipe

Concentrated Sweet Tea Recipe

Hungarian Goulash Recipe

Quick No Bake Cheesecake Recipe

Light Pig Pickin' Cake Recipe

Mamaw's Centerpiece Cookie Recipe

Quick Go Go Cake Recipe

Quick Nut Brownie Recipe

Re-mastered Sad Cake Recipe

Grandma Taylor's Pickled Jalapeno's


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