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False Weight Gain - Weight Loss Scales - Why They Lie

Written by Thin Thin


Keeping Weight Loss Simple:

Are your scales nutsy coo-coo these days? Do they seem to rise and fall more often than the sun and moon?

So many things can effect the numbers on your scales - from your diet to jumping up and down on them when they aren't being cooperative.

Things that can effect the numbers on your weight loss scales:

If your scales suddenly indicate a weight gain, don't panic just yet!

That's certainly easier said than done, because when you're dieting, that 2-pound weight gain is a lot more disconcerting than when you weren't dieting, and you gained a pound or two.

Weight gain while dieting could be nothing more than the weight of the food that you ate during the day - and not 'true weight'. 

That's why, the best time of day to weigh is first thing in the morning. There's an added plus if the numbers are higher than you anticipated: you won't need caffeine to wake you up. Now let's get serious about true weight gain vs false weight gain....


Other Weight Gain Factors:

Some other culprits that account for 'false weigh-ins' include:

Water retention from eating foods high in sodium (salt); keep in mind that fast foods - even healthier, low calorie fast foods tend to be very high in salt content. Salt equals flavor; while salt contains zero calories it works to retain water in the body sometimes adding on 2, 3 or more pounds of false weight gain. And it may take a few days for the water retention to subside;

It's perfectly normal to see a weight gain just before you experience a nice drop in weight on the scales;

Weight gain for women amid that pesky time of the month is also quite common;

The weather, including humidity may cause false pounds to register on the weight scales;

Allergies, hidden diseases & health issues, such as diabetes & thyroid can be weight gain culprits;

Pregnancy - which is a normal, healthy time for weight gain;

Stress, including stress related to both positive and negative events in your life (job related stress, wedding, new baby, death of loved one, etc.);

and of course, eating too much of a good thing will add TRUE pounds to your weight scales - not to mention your body.


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