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Quick Diet Tricks - Unsafe Methods for Quick Weight Loss

Written by Thin Thin

Once an individual decides that the unwanted pounds need to come off - they also decide more often than not that those unwanted pounds need to come off quickly. And the quicker, the better.


A dieter may become so anxious to drop those extra pounds that they resort to a risky method to achieve quick weight loss.

And many times, those quick decisions lead to serious health issues that last a life time, and unfortunately, in some cases using extreme methods for quick weight loss, death is the end result. It's the ultimate 'Dead End Diet Plan for Quick Weight Loss'.

Here are a few Quick Diet Tricks that will assist in weeding out dangerous weight loss and diet tricks that simply are dangerous to your good health - or they simply do not work to achieve permanent weight loss results:

- Fasting for Quick Weight Loss. In some cases, fasting is embraced by dieters as a measure to punish their body for the weight gain. And of course, in other situations, the dieter feels that fasting is the fastest - the absolute quickest method for getting rid of those excess pounds. Fact: the body is one smart instrument and the moment that calories become too restricted, the metabolism slows to a snail's pace in order to conserve precious energy - and in this situation, life itself. As to weight loss - most will be water weight and will also come off at a snail's pace.

Dangers of fasting include: an imbalance in many areas of the body, including blood sugar levels and those oh-so-important electrolytes. A smarter approach to quick weight loss is to eat several small meals per day which gets the metabolism cooking in high speed!


-  Fad Diet Plans. Another route to quick weight loss that poses increased risk to the body. In those individuals with hidden health conditions, such as heart issues, diabetes and even pregnancy - the health risks increase further still.

Be very aware of fad diets basing weight loss results upon one 'super food' in particular, or upon one Food Group. A car doesn't run on fuel alone and neither does the body. Fad diets come with too many tricky components that jack-around with the body's good health.

And rarely do fad diets produce life-long results. The majority of dieters fixed on a fad diet plan regain all the weight loss + additional weight within a year proceeding the fad diet plan.

-  Heavy Exercise. Activity for the body equals a stronger, healthier body but extreme exercise equals the potential for muscle, tissue and bone injuries that may last throughout one's life. In addition, extreme levels of exercise pose life-threatening risks to new dieters who were formerly inactive. Take it slow - take it steady - at your own pace, and you'll get there. Remember the rabbit and the turtle? Rabbits finish last and sometimes, they don't finish at all.

In addition, it's important to choose an activity that you'll stick with for the remainder of your life - as well a reasonable amount of said activity. While walking a million steps per day can produce quick weight loss, is this something that you'll stick with going forward? Don't be a yo-yo dieter or a yo-yo exerciser.

-  Surgery for Quick Weight Loss. Time and time again, I've been saddened to hear of yet another individual who had weight loss surgery and died either during or shortly after the procedure. More recently, the lady who passed was 'a friend of a friend of mine' who left behind two adorable little kids.


Unless your weight is posing life-threatening conditions, exercise great caution and thought before moving forward with Weight Loss Surgery to achieve quick weight loss results. The long-term success rate for weight loss surgery is very low with many patients regaining the weight in the weeks and months following the surgery.

In the day and age, most of we-humans expect a miracle pill or miracle cure. Weight Loss Surgery as a means for weight loss is liken unto blood pressure medication in treating unstable blood pressure. Patients rely upon the 'magic blood pressure' pill to take care of their blood pressure issues, many refusing to adjust their daily diet for rectification. In many instances, adapting to a healthy diet and dropping excess pounds is enough to rectify blood pressure issues. Although it's that simple - weight loss, particularly permanent weight loss isn't easy to accomplish.

As to Weight Loss Surgery, many patients expect the surgery to rectify their weight issues. Unfortunately, after the surgery there are new hurdles to be faced. Just as in the case of dieting, food intake must be controlled - calories must be kept in check. The body still requires a certain degree of exercise to attain a healthy level.

On that note - don't become so obsessed over those extra pounds that you end up losing your good senses. Don't become a statistic by embracing unsafe methods for quick weight loss. And if you are serious about achieving permanent weight loss results - and doing such quickly and safely, embrace a daily containing the calorie needs for your recommended weight. Any excess pounds will slowly and safely fade with time. And be sure to include all the elements of the healthy food pyramid.

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