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Written by Thin Thin

'Thin May be 'in' but Good Health is Life's True Wealth.'


Preparing to start a new diet plan? Need some weight loss advice? Some super diet tricks? We can assist!

Weight Loss Tip #1 - Don't kill yourself dieting! Although quick weight loss is desired by almost-all dieters, two pounds per week is a safe rate of weight loss to aim for.

#2 - Fasting equals a slow metabolism. You'll achieve quicker weight loss results by consuming several small meals per day.

#3 - Determine your recommended calorie needs for your goal weight and stick to those calories going forward. And if you stick with those calories for the remainder of your life (adjusting activity level & calorie needs as you age) then you won't ever have to worry about being overweight again.

#4 - Choose an activity or exercise that you'll stick with for the rest of your life - and an activity that you enjoy.

#5 - Become a label reader, paying close attention to calories, serving sizes, sodium content and fat content.


#6 - Control serving sizes; second helpings equal calories that could end up being stored in the body's fat cells. And don't even think about third helpings.

#7 - Control salt (sodium) intake to discourage water retention within the body. If you don't control salt - it can control you, and is very addictive. Typically, the more salt a person consumes, the more salt it takes to satisfy the sale craving. On those occasions where sodium overload creates sodium bloat, the following foods can help rectify the situation: watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, apples.

#8 - Be on the lookout for butter (or margarine or oil) and sugar as these two guys pose the highest threat of Calorie Consumption Capability in the daily diet. Most brands of margarine contain 50-100 calories per serving. Butter contains about 100 calories per serving. Most sugars contain upwards to 800 calories per cup.

Feeling Tired While Dieting

Many dieters experience tiredness but if your level of fatigue is extreme, then it's time to take a serious look at your current diet or weight loss plan. It's also a smart idea to touch base with your doctor as extreme fatigue is also a symptom of many serious illnesses.

In the area of diet and weight loss, tiredness may be the result of a daily diet insignificant in calories (energy). If the weight loss plan involves a fad diet - particularly a fad diet that focuses on one food or one Food Group, your body may be experiencing tiredness due to a lack of proper nutrition.


Or, your new exercise routine may be too extreme, placing an overload on the body's current endurance level.

Medical Conditions Associated With Tiredness

Other common conditions associated with tiredness include: heart disease, anemia, cancer, thyroid imbalances, allergies, sinus infections, diabetes, hormone imbalances, pregnancy, depression, stress and sleep-related disorders.

What we put into the body may also contribute to tiredness.

Excess alcohol, all drugs, including excess caffeine - or a sudden withdrawal of caffeine. In the area of medications related to a feeling of tiredness, the most common contributors include: antidepressants, antihistamines, pain relievers, allergy medications and sleep medications.

Other Factors Contributing to Lethargy

As mentioned above, a diet that is too strict in energy (calories) or one that embraces an extreme level of activity can cause tiredness.

Other situations that contribute to tiredness include: lack of sleep, childbirth, monthly cycle (females), emotional situations such as loss of a loved one or someone that we care about serving amid war time; divorce; issues related to child-rearing, illnesses, including the illness of a pet can trigger tiredness.

Again, if you're experiencing a significant level of tiredness, it's time to schedule a visit with your doctor.

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