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The Raw Diet Plan

Written by Thin Thin

This is the First Day of the rest of your Diet Life...


If you're trying to melt off a few extra pounds, has your daily diet got you feeling a bit like a bunny rabbit these days? Too much raw in your diet plan? Do your front teeth look a bit square - and your ears longer and taller than normal?

Then you may be suffering from Raw Diet Bunny-itis, a treatable Dieter's Disease that affects 9 1/2 out of 10 dieters. Raw Diet Bunny-itis can be defined as a time when the main faire of the diet takes on the colors orange and green in a dieter's effort to get lean.

This section of Thin Thin discusses the Raw Diet and will show you a tastier Diet Garden, er...without Bugs.... From tastier salads to hare-raising diet tips that will have you roaring over the Diet Finish Line, making use of raw foods in your daily diet WISELY is a great way to jump-start your dead diet plan.

Raw Diet Plan - Weight Loss & Dieting Articles


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Some Interesting Health & Diet Information on Carrots

Purple Carrots? - Interesting Food Fact: Carrots were originally purple until the Europeans orange-ized them in the early 17th century.

A super breed of carrots containing high levels of beta-carotene were developed during World War II and consumed by aviators in an effort to sharpen night vision. 

Raw Diet Plan - Weight Loss & Dieting Articles