Weight Loss Advice for Dieters

Thin Thins Permanent Weight Loss Plan - Don't know where to start? We'll point you in the right direction.If you’re currently on a diet or weight loss plan, odds are - this isn’t your first Diet Rodeo. But ‘this time’ you’re very serious about roping those extra pounds and pitching them into Never-Never Diet Land. No more clowning around where weighty issues are concerned. Thin Thin will show you how to lose those unwanted pounds quickly, safely and permanently. Let’s get started losing weight, shall we?  continue

Quick Weight Loss - Former dieters are keenly aware that losing weight is a difficult beast to conquer - and dieters who want to take those unwanted pounds off S-L-O-W-L-Y are basically nonexistent. Dieters want those extra pounds off their body as in yesterday! So…how quickly can the body shed those unwanted pounds?

Safe Weight Loss - Former dieters are keenly aware that losing weight is a difficult beast to conquer. And while quick weight loss is almost-always a requirement of a weight reduction diet, losing the weight safely should take top precedence. After all, what good is losing all those pounds only to end up in ill health, suffering from permanent and at times, irreversible damage to the body, including death.

Permanent Weight Loss - Fact is - Weight Maintenance is much more difficult to achieve than Weight Loss.

Obesity & Overweight Stastics - The current percentage of adults ranked as obese stands at 34%. Keep in mind that 34% represents obesity - not overweight. When overweight is factored into the Weight Equation, about 70% of the American public is experiencing issues with weight.

Common Things Dieters Share - Common goals and aspirations set by most dieters seeking weight loss.

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