Diet & Weight Loss Related Questions & Answers

Is peanut butter a healthy food while dieting?

Is there a healthy alternative to fulfill my ice cream fantasy while dieting?

What is considered a serving size for peanut butter?

What is the best exercise for weight loss?

How many calories are in an egg?

What is the best diet?

What is a safe rate of weight loss?

75 pounds vs losing 30 pounds

Can weight loss be targeted to specific areas of the body?

Can I have a candy bar while dieting?

Does an extended belly contain fat?

Why do I feel hungry after dining on Chinese?

Why do I feel so bloated while dieting?

Are there any diet friendly options for Mexican dining?

How many calories are in a pound?

Is there a healthier alternative to french fries?

Is exercise or a change in diet more effective for weight loss?

What does 'satiety powers' mean?

Are weight loss pills safe?

It is normal to feel dizzy while dieting?

What are the side effects of weight loss pills?

Is it normal to feel hungry while dieting?

What is more healthy, butter or margarine?

Is it normal to feel depressed while dieting?

What is the best oil to use while dieting?

Is it normal to experience the shakes while dieting?

Why is frying considered so unhealthy?

Is it normal to experience anger while dieting?

Is the onset of diabetes triggered by weight gain?

How many calories do I need each day to lose weight?

Is weight loss OR weight gain a symptom of diabetes?

What is my ideal weight?

Do diet and weight loss vitamins work?

How can I remain motivated while dieting?

Which fruits are lowest in calories?

Will  hot sauce burn calories?

Which fast food restaurants are best for dieters?

What are empty calories?

What are simple carbs?

What is the recommended serving size for butter or margarine?

What are complex carbs?

What is the recommended serving size for pasta?

Why can't I lose weight as quickly as I can gain weight?

What is a healthy blood pressure reading?

Why are low carb diets so popular?

Is lyposuction safe?

How can dieter's breath be conquered?

What is the best alternative for Mayo while dieting?

Which is a healthier choice - fruit or fruit juice?

Why can't I stop overeating?

What can be done to alleviate sore muscles ?

How can I resist second helpings?

Are sports drinks a good option for rehydrating while exercising?

What is a weight loss plateau?

Will Weight Loss Shrink My Grocery Bill? & Page 2

Do Diet Teas Work for Weight Loss?

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