Low Fat, Low Calorie Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

Cinnamon Rolls Equal Sin-a-me Goodness?

Diet Pockets

Cranky Okra & Corn Pudding



Basic Muffin Recipe

Quick Bread

Lofty Angel Biscuits

Diet Hamburger Recipe, Fast Food Calories

The King's Chili

Puritan Dove Cak, Angel Food Cake

The Best Cake to Eat While Dieting

Breakfast Wraps

Jamiaca Key Lime Diet Pie

The Worse Pies to Eat While Dieting

Hot Wings

Delicious Foods for Dieters & Recipes

How to Cook Beans & Remove Gas

Nottingham Stew

The Witch’s Claws, Medieval Cookery

A Collection of Medieval Bread Recipes

Choose Your Popcorn Wisely

Gingerbread Peasant Boys

Jugler's Wrap & Tasty Breakfast Wrap

Simple Cream Sauce

Horse Drawn Carrot Salad & Weaver's Salad

Peasant Bread, Hard as Thy Noggin Bread

Indian Un-Fried Bread

Middle Aged Yams & Potato Skins

Free Diet Menus - 3 Power Breakfasts

Peasant Bread

The Ancient Mariner’s Butternut Squash

Highlander Pie & Highlander Tea

Wicked Peach

Peachy King Peach Cobbler, Spiced Peaches

Quick Diet Tortilla Soup

Microwavable Stuffin' Muffins

Dancing Punch & Medieval Drinks

Fabulous Diet Lemonade

Diet Caveman Incognito

Huntersbow Soup & Fruit Soup Recipe

Save Calories With Oatmeal

Hunter's Pack & Mine's Rinds

Cookie Sandwiches for Dieters

Calories in Shrimp

Lady Chatterly’s Big Melons

Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup for Dieters

Sailor Moon Cookies

Village Plum Pudding & Falcon Pudding

Bread Suggestions for Dieters

Ex Caliber Muffins

Quick Pumpkin Soup for Dieters

Minstrel Soup

Quick Diet Broccoli Cheese Soup

Diet Desserts

Quick Diet Potato Soup

Fried Chicken

Five Little Ingredients That Save Big Calories

Elizabethan Brownies

Secret Meatballs, Tasty Sea Salt Steak

Diet Hamburger Recipes, Tips

Squire Tom's Leg & Cheesy Chicken Recipes

Shrimp Boats

Natural Foods That Suppress the Appetite

Kissing Soup

Diet & Curb Hunger With Adzuki Beans

Peachy King Flatbread

Low Calorie Recipe for Diet Veggie Burger

Pita Pocket Full of Strawberries

Miner's Stew

Noble Apple Pie &Apple Dumplings

Easy Squash Casserole Recipes

Macaroni & Cheese - Recipes

Easy Diet Cheese Sauce Recipe

Tiny Meals Equal Big Weight Loss Results

Dynamite Chocolate Cake

Jalapeno Fryed Cheese, Toast Recipes

Village Plum Pudding & Pudding Recipes

Cheesecake Pudding &  Pudding Recipes

Fortune Cookies

Keg of Tomato Bisque Soup & 3 Bean Soup

Red Gypsy Medieval Lasagna

Fabulous Frappuccino

Medieval Peasant Biscuits

Celtic Flapjacks ‘n Honey & Friar's Big Belt

Healthy Hunza Bread

Medieval Porcupine Meatballs

Diet Pumpkin Pie


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