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Low Acid Foods, Digestion

Written by Thin Thin


The acid content of the foods you eat have the ability to impact the digestive process.

When too many foods that are high in acid content are consumed, they may trigger miserable symptoms which include sour tummy, acid reflux and an uncomfortable bloated state.

For those individuals who currently are dealing with acid reflux, consuming foods that are low in acid content can be of great help in relieving symptoms.

And of course, if you experience acid reflux or other digestive issues, please meet with your doctor to rule out any serious health issues.

Foods Low in Acid

Fruits Low in Acid
Proteins Low in Acid


Vegetables Low in Acid
Green Beans
Lima Beans
Liquids Low in Acid
Apple Juice
Grains Low in Acid
Pasta (plain)
Miscellaneous Foods Low in Acid
Maple Syrup

Healthy Tips for Melon


Healthy Tip #1 - Pair berries with melon for a healthy and beautiful snack or dessert. Melon is nutritious and delicious, weighing in at a skinny 50 calories per cup. And what could look prettier than a nest of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries nestled inside 1/2 of a small cantaloupe or honeydew melon?

Healthy Tip #2 - Create a healthy, light and delicious melon soup for summer or spring. Juice the melon, add a bit of Splenda and your favorite spices - such as a dash of ground cinnamon or nutmeg. A spoon of brown sugar goes exceptionally well with SummerCantaloupe Soup.

Healthy Tip #3 - A tray of sliced melon wedges served with small wedges of cheese and whole grain crackers makes an awesome appetizer OR snack.

Healthy Tip #4 - A popular item at formal events - such as weddings, is ultra simple to make: Prosciutto & Melon. Simply wrap prosciutto around melon slices. Dust melon with mint before wrapping if desired to create a gourmet version.

Healthy Tip #5 - Melons of all varieties are fabulous in assisting the body in banishing pent-up water. If you've recently experienced water weight gain (which can register as much as 4 pounds or more on your weight scales in the form of false weight gain), try eating melon. Other foods which work fabulously well in dealing with water weight gain include: asparagus, beets, cranberries and boiled eggs.

Healthy Tips for Prunes


Healthy Tip #1 - One of the healthiest snacks you can put on your pantry shelf is dried prunes. They contain about 23 calories each, plus a healthy dose of fiber and a surprising 4 mg of calcium and 5.7 grams of Vitamin K.

Healthy Tip #2 - Prunes, as well as most mashed fruits such as banana, work exceptionally well as a substitute for oil when baking while adding a unique, delicious flavor to the goody - not to mention an extra layer of health. In addition, applesauce, light sour cream, as well as dried fruits other than prunes also work very well in place of oil, shortening and butter.

Healthy Tip #3 - Vitamin B-6 helps fight against depression. Prunes are rich in Vitamin B-6. Prunes are also a rich source of potassium.

Healthy Tip #4 - Create delicious appetizers with prunes (or dates) by filling them with a 1/2 teaspoon of whipped cream cheese. As a note, whipped foods contain about 1/3 less calories than their non-whipped counterparts.

Healthy Tip #5 - Prunes are notoriously associated with gas and the uncomfortable effects associated with such. When eating prunes or any gassy food, take care of how much you consume, as well as other foods that you pair with the gassy-offender. Doing such can save a lot of uncomfortable effects. In addition, prunes tend to be high on baby's list of foods. Limit other gassy foods when feeding prunes. A combo of mashed bananas, mashed peas, mashed chicken and prunes can set off a silent digestive disaster within baby that in time makes a huge announcement of its existence!

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