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Tiny Meals for Weight Loss Results

Written by Thin Thin

Tiny meals can assist greatly in losing that unwanted weight. The key is choosing foods that are filling and satisfying - those that taste so good that a little goes a long way.


When one is losing weight, it's vital to keep the TumTum feeling not only full, but happy. While rice cakes, popcorn cakes and other cardboard-like diet foods might be filling, at times they might not be so happy.

On that note, here is Thin Thins' Tiny Meal suggestions that are both filling and flavorful, and best of all - can assist with weight loss..

Tiny Meal #1 Low Calorie Recipes - Mini Bagel Sandwiches

If you haven't spied the mini-bagels at your local market, please seek and find. We are very fond of the Lender's brand which is located in the dairy section OR the refrigerated section in most markets.

They contain a tiny 70 calories each and make a perfect stage for diet-wise foods. And of course, if you can't locate the mini-bagels, regular bagels that contain 150-230 calories will work just fine. Here are three combinations that we really enjoy on a regular basis:

Tiny Bagel Cheese & Mushroom Melts: Prepare bagels to your personal preference. We pop ours into the toaster, then top one side of the bagel with reduced-fat 60-calories or less cheese. Top cheese with mushrooms that have been sauteed on the stove top with zero-calorie cooking spray. Add other bagel top and enjoy for a tiny 135 calories. As a note, we opted for 50-calorie cheese in our sandwich.


Tiny Bagel Egg & Bacon Melts: Prepare bagels to your personal preference. Top one side of the bagel with a scrambled egg, then one slice of microwaved bacon. Add a slice of reduced-fat cheese if desired, then add other half of bagel. With cheese, this tiny meal contains about 235 calories.

Tiny Bagel BLT: Prepare bagels to your personal preference. Spread on 1 serving of Miracle Whip LIGHT. Fill bagel with 2 slices of microwaved bacon, tomato slices and raw baby spinach - or use lettuce if desired. Total calories equal about 150 calories.

Tiny Meal #2 Low Calorie Recipes - Flour Tortilla Wraps

Mean Bean Tortillas: As a note, we used 80 calorie flour tortilla shells in the following recipes, as well as 50 calorie reduced fat cheese slices. For our Mean Bean Tortilla, warm shell, then add 1 slice of cheese to the flat tortilla. Top with this bean mixture: drained and rinsed canned black beans - 1/4 cup; 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder, dash of powdered cumin (optional), bit of cilantro (optional) OR use a bit of your favorite salsa to season the beans OR use pre-seasoned canned beans.

Add 1/4 cup of the seasoned beans on top of the cheese. Next, top with diced tomatoes, a serving of sour cream (we used regular sour cream for 60 calories per serving) and a handful of raw baby spinach. Fold and enjoy for about 250 calories.

Fried Squash Tortillas: Yes - we know this sounds a bit weird, but it's truly, simply delicious! The fried squash is traditionally taboo for dieters, but the added dose of fat will leave one satisfied for house to come from a limited number of calories. One serving of fried squash should contain no more than 150 calories - so check the labels keeping in mind that we're only goingto use 1/2 a serving in our tasty wrap.


Rather than frying the squash in oil, bake in oven to save even more calories; however we must note that the rich flavor of the fried squash is well worth the additional calories. Fried okra works equally well, as does fried eggplant in our tasty recipe.

Heat tortilla then top with 1/2 slice of reduced fat cheese (25 calories). Next, add 1/2 serving of fried squash (75 calories). Top with 1/2 serving of sour cream (30 calories), chopped tomatoes and a handful of raw baby spinach. Roll, eat and enjoy for a tiny 235 calories.

Chicken Salad Tortillas: Canned chicken (drained), roasted chicken, boiled chicken or baked chicken can be used. Tuna also works well in this recipe. When pinched for time, the roasted chicken found at most local markets really comes in handy. Mix the following and fill tortilla: 1/4 cup of chicken, 1 serving of Miracle Whip LIGHT, 1 teaspoon of walnuts, 1 teaspoon of dried cranberries, 1 handful of raw baby spinach.

Tiny Meal #3 Low Calorie Recipes - Sandwich Machine Makes Tiny Meals Almost Magically

Tiny Meal, Grilled Cheese & Mushroom: More likely than not, there is a little sandwich machine hiding somewhere in the kitchen. Time to drag it out and put it to good use!

Spray 60 calorie or less bread with butter-flavored cooking spray, fill with reduced calorie cheese and mushrooms that have been grilled on the stove top using cooking spray (Weight Loss Cooking Tip: in a non-stick pan, sliced mushrooms grill nicely all own their own with no oils or sprays added). Cook sandwich as directed per machine. About 175 calories.

Tiny Meal, Peanut Butter & Jam: Spray 60 calorie or less bread with butter-flavored cooking spray, spreading 1/2 serving of peanut butter on one slice of bread and 1/2 serving of jam/jelly/preserves on top. Cook sandwich as directed per machine. We used whipped peanut butter and saved 50-80 calories in comparison to regular peanut butters. Peter Pan's Whipped Peanut Butter contains 150 calories per serving. Calories for this sandwich equal about 220 calories.

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