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Can I Eat Mac & Cheese and Still Lose Weight?

Written by Thin Thin

If you're a Mac & Cheese Lover trying to lose weight and find yourself longing to include your former favorite in your diet plan or weight loss plan - then, oh yes you can!


The following weight loss tips and trimmer Macaroni & Cheese recipes can guide the 'weigh'.

What makes Macaroni & Cheese so high in calories?

Typical recipes for Macaroni & Cheese contain three basic components that tend to be high in calories:

- cheese (full blown varieties; reduced fat varieties can slash calories in half)
- macaroni (about 200 calories per cup served plain)
- butter or margarine (calories vary but generally range from 50 calories to more than 100 calories per serving depending upon the brand used)

In addition, many recipes include cream, milk - even cream cheese, and it doesn't take long for those calories to really stack up. The great news is that Mac & Cheese can be the star OR highlight to a healthy meal plan while keeping calorie content in check. Start with the lower calorie Macaroni & Cheese recipes listed below as a pattern, and also strive to think out of the Diet Box to make lower calorie, reduced fat recipes your own by adding personalize favorites.

As a note, sodium is also a stickler when it comes to getting those unwanted pounds off because salt tends to accumulate water, and water weighs heavily.


An over-indulgence of salt can result in false pounds on the scales and it can take several days for water retention to dissipate. And most versions of Macaroni & Cheese are high in sodium content. Opting for alternate spices can keep the flavor while reducing sodium content. More spice - less salt.

Macaroni & Cheese Meal Suggestions & Recipes for Dieters  for Weight Loss

Bob Evans Macaroni & Cheese:One cup contains a skinny 330 calories. Total fat grams equal 16 - not bad for a delicious, prepared Mac & Cheese. What we would like to change is the sodium content as it is indeed steep (51%). Our suggestion is to enjoy 1/2 cup of Bob Evans Macaroni & Cheese and pair it with a serving of lean meat and a serving of healthy vegetables.

Menu Example: 1/2 cup of Bob Evans Macaroni & Cheese (165 calories), 1 cup of green beans (27 calories), 1 serving of extra lean deli roast beef (60 calories), 1 glass of unsweetened iced tea (0 calories), 1 cup of fresh strawberries (45 calories)  topped with 1 serving of light whipped cream (15 calories). Total Calories: About 312 calories.

Prepared Macaroni & Cheese Enhancement Meals for Dieters: As mentioned above, strive to make your Macaroni & Cheese personalized. Example: If you enjoy bacon, try adding bacon bits to the Mac & Cheese. Other healthier options to add to your Macaroni & Cheese include: sauteed mushrooms that have been thoroughly drained, sauteed bell peppers of any variety, sauteed onions and our favorite - black olives.


Light or low fat franks OR link sausages can be sliced into thin wheels, then cooked on the stove top - or cook on the grill before slicing. Simply drain and add to your Macaroni & Cheese and you'll have a tasty meal.

Reduced Calorie, Reduced Fat Macaroni & Cheese Recipe:Remember those three components of Macaroni & Cheese that we discussed above which are often the culprit when it comes to unwanted calories and fat grams? Let's trim two of them down to size!

Prepare your homemade Macaroni & Cheese Recipe as you normally would, only substitute when it comes to the following ingredients as follows:

- cheese; opt for reduced fat cheese varieties OR prepared cheese sauces containing about 40 calories per serving size
- butter or margarine; opt for the lower calorie margarine OR use up to 1/2 less in your recipe

In Summary: Although Macaroni & Cheese makes a great comfort food and can be enjoyed when dieting OR not, it's wise to enjoy it occasionally rather than often due to The Cholesterol Factor that is almost-always associated with this tasty, beloved food.

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