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Healthy Tips for Salads, Sandwiches & Dairy Foods

Written by Thin Thin

#1 - While the basic mix of a salad is iceberg lettuce and a bit of chopped tomato, branch out to add nutrition and satiety power to create Power Salads!


Adding unique vegetables and fruit - in addition to proteins add punch to your health and can help you achieve weight loss without dieting.

Here is a simple recipe for a Power Salad: 1/2 cup of sliced or cubed roasted chicken, 4 cups of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, 1/4 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese, a couple of sliced olives, a few broccoli trees, shredded carrot, a few slices of cucumber, 1/2 teaspoon of hulled sunflower seeds, 1 teaspoon of dried cranberries, 1 teaspoon of garbanzo beans + up to 50 calories of your favorite salad dressing. Which brings us to the next healthy salad tip....

#2 - Choose your salad dressings wisely and take a bit of time to measure the amount before adding to your salad. Serving the salad dressing on the side can also save fat and calories as you may not use all of the dressing.

#3 - The green bed from which all good salads are created can greatly influence the taste of your salads. Instead of typical lettuce, try using baby spinach or field greens.


#4 - Don't forget about unique salads such as beet salad and three-bean salad.

#5 - One of my favorite low calorie salads is a Corn Chip Salad. To the typical salad of lettuce and tomato, add drained black olives, corn chips and light Catalina dressing. Delicious!! Be sure to go light on the corn chips.

#6 - Although fast-food salads may be appealing in regards to health and weight loss, some contain more fat and calories than a full-blown cheeseburger. So our healthy fast-food salad tip is to enjoy the basic salad, skip the croutons and the crackers, and to opt for the low calorie salad dressing.

A balsamic vinegar salad dressing is a great option, as is the light honey-mustard versions. If a low caloriedressing isn't available, use 1/2 the pack.

#7 - One of the healthiest salads is a fruit salad created with fresh fruit!

Healthy Tips for Sandwiches

#1 - Diet breads, gourmet breads, low-carb breads - there are enough breads on the market these days for the most discriminate of tastes, each containing its own unique flavor along with its own unique calorie content.

So our first healthy tip for sandwiches is to choose bread that contains the flavor you desire while keeping a lit on calories. While the 35-calorie bread that tastes like sawdust may not be an option, opting for the 70-calorie bread over the 150-calorie bread can influence your scales in a positive way while allowing you to enjoy your sandwich.


#2 - Choosing a whole grain bread will add nutritional value to your sandwich, as well as those that are packed with seeds and dried fruits.

#3 - Branch out from the a-typical bread. Experiment with bagels, kangaroo pockets, flatbread, tortillas and so forth when making sandwiches.

#4 - For those 'hot' sandwiches, rather than smearing the bread with butter or margarine, try spraying with butter-flavored cooking spray, then toasting. Odds are, you'll never know the difference. BUT, your good health and weight scales will!

#5 - For sandwiches containing a salad mixture, such as chicken or egg salad, opt for light salad dressing over Mayo and save, save, save on calories and fat grams. Also try adding healthy foods to salad mixtures when it seems feasible - such as dried cranberries and chopped walnuts to chicken salad. And when preparing the salad mixtures, go light on the salt. Sodium contributes to water retention which in turn makes the heart work harder.

#6 - Pile on the veggies which contain minimal calories and maximum nutrition!

#7 - Take care when choosing the spread for your sandwich. Opt for mustard over Mayo; even spreading a thin layer of whipped cream cheese onto your bread can save calories over using full-blown Mayo.

Healthy Tips for Milk & Dairy Products

#1 - Our first tip is to create an awareness of lactose intolerance. The next time you consume a dairy product, be alert to the following symptoms: bloating, belching, stomach upset including cramps and diarrhea, and a feeling of fullness. The great news is that lactose intolerance is easily treatable. Meet with your doctor to discuss options that will suit your personal needs.

#2 - Skim milk contains more calcium than whole milk and about 1/2 the calories. While opting for skim products might not suit the taste buds of all individuals, opting for the in-between version might. Rather than no-fat cheese, try skim. Rather than skim milk, try 2% rather than whole milk. Little changes add up to big savings when it comes to our weight and the amount of fat we choose to insert into our system.

#3 - For a delicious snack, bedtime treat or a shake to accompany your next meal, try whipping 1 cup of skim milk with about 1/2 cup of frozen fruit. Add a dash of vanilla extract - or an extract that will pick up the flavors in your shake. Our favorite is 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries and a dash of vanilla extract. Thick, healthy, delicious and about 100 calories. What a fabulous Diet Deal!

For more free slimming shake recipes from Thin Thin, click here.

#4 - A small tray of cheese, crackers and fresh fruit - particularly grapes makes a wholesome, tasty snack.

#5 - Speaking of cheese, 'cutting the cheese' in your daily diet can equal huge healthy benefits. Cheese contains a lot of calories and fat. Unfortunately, many vegetarians skip meat and embrace cheese along the way. Although we highly encourage less OR no meat in the daily diet (as other foods can certainly fulfill our nutritional needs without blood-letting) embracing cheese can create the same health woes as fatty meats and other high-fat proteins.

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