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How Long Will It Take To Lose Weight?

Written by Thin Thin

Gaining weight is so much fun! Eating at parties, socials - and on the run. Losing unwanted weight - it's the pits. How long will it take to lose all of it?


When dieting (decreasing daily calorie intake in order to drop unwanted pounds), having an idea of the time it's going to take to drop all those unwanted pounds can be a Weight Loss Motivator.

The body is a very delicate instrument - one not to be rushed or forced into doing anything that it doesn't want to do, beyond its capabilities. We can force it to drop those unwanted pounds BUT it will do such on its own sweet time. Why so? In order to save our life.

While Dieter Betty needs to drop 40 pounds - and she would like to do such as in 'yesterday', if her body were to suddenly ditch those 40 unwanted pounds, Dieter Betty would be spending the night underground - as in 'forever'.

Therefore, Dieter Betty's body smartly drops the weight. Even if Dieter Betty ignorantly embraces a starvation diet, her body will only drop about 2 pounds per week, on average. Sure - she might experience a quick weight loss of five pounds at the beginning of her diet plan, but the next week - she may lose zero pounds, as well as the next.  When it's all said and done, it will take Dieter Betty about 20 weeks OR 4 months to drop those 40 unwanted pounds as the body adjusts and accommodates the new number of daily calories that Dieter Betty is using to fuel it with.


And yes, some individuals may be luckier than others and drop the weight a bit faster. Particularly those with a lot of weight to lose - such as 75 pounds or more. The  reasons?

Weight Loss Reason #1 - The body may have a speedier metabolism. Areas that impact the speed of metabolism include: age, sex, ethnicity, muscle mass, health, activity level and even location.

Weight Loss Reason #2 - The daily Calorie Window can be closed further in those individuals who need to drop more pounds. Whereas Dieter Betty needs to lose 40 pounds and has the ability to decrease her current daily diet by 1,000 calories, Dieter Dick who needs to lose 100 pounds, may be able to decrease his daily diet by 2,000 calories - thus achieving twice the rate of weight loss.

Unfortunately, the closer that an individual gets to their recommended weight, the slower the pounds come off as the daily Calorie Window gets adjusted.

In Summary - While planning for weight loss, plan to drop an average of 2 pounds per week. Anything more is a perk!!

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