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Written by Thin Thin

Weight Loss Goddess Strategies  |  Diet Moods - Weight Loss Motivation  |  Tearoom Diet Meal Planner


What is a Weight Loss Goddess?  Weight Loss Goddesses come in all shapes, all sizes, all colors!  They may be a perfect weight, underweight, or overweight. A Goddess is a Goddess is a Goddess. Always. This Weight Loss Goddess says, "Whatever size you are - it's perfectly okay!"

The way that a Goddess feels about herself certainly is impacted by the number on her weighing scales. Many times, her life is ruled by that number.

Therefore, our Weight Loss Goddess at Thin Thin proclaims that it's time to lay those miserable thoughts aside and celebrate life and focus more on getting healthier than on that miserable number. Because, let's face it...almost no one is ever totally happy with the number of their weight scale. And if you should lose a few pounds along the 'weigh' in your Fitness Quest - then all the more merrier!

So relax, thumb through our healthy articles sown inside this page and return again and again for diet motivation.  Because when you feel good about yourself, life is just a whole lot easier! 

The Weight Loss Goddess Story - How It All Began....

ONCE UPON A TIME there lived a Goddess who surrounded herself with all the good things in life. Although she was happy, there was one thing that she was missing in her life.


A handsome Prince?  No....  A golden chariot with a Hemi?  No....  More leather?  No, her storehouses were overflowing with leather, as well as velvet and Greek Gods - and even Greek Gods dressed in velvet. Crushed even.

But alas, it seems that our Goddess is missing a Happy Weight Loss Plan. The platters of Royal Rice Cakes were getting a mite stale. And she feared that she might need to hire a dragon to slay the basket of fat free cheese that she'd been trying to kill off herself for the past few months.weight loss goddess, dieting, weight loss

Yes, afar and alas our little Goddess was emerged in the Pond of Diet Discontent. She craved Diet Joy - dreamed of it, in fact! Not even the burly Court Jester could make a canoe out of the Goddess' turned-down mouth, a mouth that twitched with thoughts of ooey-gooey goodness, only to be rewarded with bland Health Bait.

Then one day, quite un-magically, the Goddess came upon this rare and happy website which she knighted as hers, and hers alone - Thin Thin. How fortunate for the Goddess to find such a treasure buried within the bowels of the Internet - but find it, she did!

In her Happy Diet Quest, she discovered fun diet tips, effective diet advice, yummy recipes and fun articles that helped to keep her motivated. Finally, the Goddess had found the 'Diet Happy' that she had needed to lead her forward to Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Success! But our story does not end there. The Goddess went a step further, sending out a royal decree that from this time forward, she would be known as The Weight Loss Goddess.

With that Royal Announcement, the Weight Loss Goddess welcomes you to freely feast upon all the Diet Treasures that she has to offer.

Sincerely, Lackey & Chief Storyteller for the Weight Loss Goddess 

Goddess at the Diet Oasis...

The 7 Goddesses of Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Goddess has seven great motivational diet tips to help you drop that unwanted weight OR to help you maintain your current weight. Again, the Weight Loss Goddess is all about good health. The number on your weight scales are just a number and should not control how happy or sad you are in your everyday life. With this said, there are seven key elements to weight loss and healthy weight maintenance:


1.  Goddess of Diet Love - In order to get the most out of your daily diet plan, learn to love yourself - no matter what size you are. If you learn to love yourself, you'll want to provide your body with the best things in life, including a healthy dose of activity and healthy foods.

2. Goddess of Diet Hate - Perhaps hate is too stiff a word, but the more that you learn to dislike certain unhealthy foods, the better for your weight loss plan. Unhealthy foods may include pickled pigs feet which are filled with fat and sodium, creamed foods - from creamed potatoes to whipping cream, and fried foods which contain a good deal of unnecessary fat and calories. And whatever you do keep in mind that a good Weight Loss Goddess always but always stays away from the fatted calf.

3. Goddess of Diet Lust - Keep in mind that everyone who goes on a restricted food diet is tempted. It may be through the whiff of a fresh baked loaf of bread, a smoldering pizza pie or a bag of fresh popped buttered popcorn - but tempted we are!  Keep in mind that temptation is temporary. Temptation will pass and weight loss fill its place.

4. Goddess of Diet Needs - Even though calories and fat are kept in check while dieting, don't be too strict on your body. Your body needs a certain number of calories each day just to function. Your body also requires a certain amount of fat per day in order to cushion vital organs, provide luster to your dark or golden locks, and to add shine to your fingernails and toenails.

Learn to recognize the difference between Diet Lust and Diet Needs. When you desire a certain food, stop and ask yourself, "Am I craving this food because I am hungry OR because it tastes good?" If the food is among the forbidden foods (i.e. unhealthy foods), then limit yourself to the portion size. Losing weight doesn't mean tossing everything out of your life that you like to eat and do.

5. Goddess of Diet Flames - It's okay to be angry about having to diet. Dieting isn't nearly as fun as enjoying a six-course meal. Again - dieting is TEMPORARY. On the other hand, eating healthy should be permanent.

6. Diet Goddess of Mind - Keeping in mind that dieting is TEMPORARY - set your mind to getting the task accomplished if you are planning to lose weight. Get the weight off and be done with it! If you have a lot of weight to lose - then think of your weight loss plan as months rather than 'a year or more'.

7. Diet Goddess of Stone - Remain resolute and stay focused on your diet plan and what you want to accomplish.  I don't know of anyone who went off of their diet and lost weight because of it. If you keep on your diet, you will lose weight. You may hit valleys and you'll enjoy those happy peaks. Most of all, once the weight is gone, you'll enjoy life a lot more than before you dropped those unwanted, unnecessary, unneeded pounds! And if it's a healthier lifestyle you're aiming for, grabbing for the Official Food Pyramid can help you accomplish that. You'll not only be healthier, you'll feel and look better too. What more could a goddess hope for? Except perhaps....a frog to kiss.

Diet & Weight Loss Ponderings - Women are so self-conscious about their bodies. Give them a swimsuit, and they'll throw on a heavy robe even on a scorching hot day. Many guys don't sweat the small stuff in line. Some will even wear the size of his jeans tacked across the back of his waistline. Therefore, be proud in whatever outfit you wear. Cowing over can add false pounds and there is something very appealing and sexy in a confident body.

The Beauty Bar - You Foxy Thing! Dressing Your Diet For Success - Body Image is one key to Weight Loss Success. Think Weight Loss Goddesses come in all shapes, sizes & colors! about a time when you were at an event and you were under-dressed. Felt not-so-good, didn't it?

In turn, Dressing for Success can be a useful overflow tool for the Weight Loss Goddess. Generally, if we feel good about how we look, we not only feel better inside, we also look better on the outside - which works to build self-esteem.

But go a step further to make your dining table as attractive as you are. The elegant setting will add to your dining experience, helping to make you feel satisfied while dieting. Yes, 'more' doesn't always have to be 'less'!  Grab those candles & wine glasses! And bring on the dancing men!  Don't forget the healthy grapes!

The Throne & Your Diet - Constipation & Diet Tips: Diet plays an important roll in the powder-room habits of the Weight Loss Goddess. Women generally suffer more from acute constipation than men. Women generally have more problems being free with their bodies in public restrooms than men do. Women also tend to steer away from gassy foods, as the results are very Un-Goddess-like.

So what's a Weight Loss Goddess to do?

Fortunately, the more natural foods that you incorporate into your diet, the better your body works in the processing phase. In simple terms, if you stick to a high fiber diet, your body will adjust and in time, you won't experience as much gas and bloat as you do at the beginning.

To help keep your 'plumbing and pipes' in good working order, the Weight Loss Goddess should make fiber an important part of her diet. Some good sources include: high fiber cereal, prunes, spinach, Boston Brown bread, kiwi, sweet potatoes, apple with skin and chestnuts.  


The Toad






Toad Or Prince, Pies Or Quince? Most Weight Loss Goddesses would never guess that by replacing one simple area of their diet can bring about delightful differences in the numbers on their weight loss scales. Weight Loss Goddesses can use the following associations when dealing with food choices - because the Weight Loss Goddess can certainly associate with Toads and Princes, can't she?

Think of pies, cakes, cookies, candy, cookies, and yes cookies, as representing Toads.

When the Weight Loss Goddess comes into contact with the ugly Toad, she must immediately think, "Prince! Where is my Prince? I don't want to eat a Toad-like goody, now do I?" Certainly not!

But before you can find the Prince, you must know what a Prince looks like, right?  A Prince looks like quince, apples, bananas, oranges, apricots, and 2 plums. A Prince might also look like melon, pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, pears, pumpkins and so forth.


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