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Written by Thin Thin

Getting prepared for weight loss success with our informative Weight Loss Guide


Too often we don't take time to get in touch with our own basic self. At times, we may be proud of ourselves for doing something unexpected. At times, we may even surprise ourselves over our personal accomplishments. At times, we may shock ourselves at how we react to a certain situation because we became wrapped-up in the moment. From all of these 'moments' we learn, and what we learn impacts our future behavior.

With this said, getting in touch with your Diet Senses can go a long way in achieving permanent, healthy weight loss. Here are our 10 Must-Ask Questions that should be posed before going on a diet or weight loss plan. The answers you give can provide insight and understanding going forward, and can assist in accomplishing a successful weight loss endeavor.

1. Why do you want to lose weight? Some individuals want to lose weight to improve their physical appearance - which by-the-way, is the most common reason why younger individuals go on a reduced-calorie diet plan. Some individuals want to lose weight to improve their level of health - which by-the-way, is the most common reason why older individuals go on a reduced-calorie diet plan. Some individuals are ordered to lose weight by their doctor, which unfortunately, is a difficult Diet Pill to swallow because self-motivation is the most important key to weight loss success.

2. How much weight do I need to lose? We can gaze into the Diet Looking Glass while longing to be a 'Size Fetus' or aim to choose a weight loss goal that will take us down several sizes - not quite to our recommended weight. And about 'recommended weight charts' - there are a ton of them out there, many varying greatly where 'ideal weight' is concerned. Thin Thin has Weight Loss Charts, too with our women's recommended weight chart located here and our men's recommended weight chart located here.


But, why so many variances when it comes to recommended weight? Because we are all created differently. While Dieter X has more muscle mass and a small body frame size, Dieter Y is much older and has a medium body frame size - while Dieter Z has a large body frame size but is on the short-side (in height). All require a different amount of energy (calories) to meet their body's daily nutritional requirements. Even if we place Dieter X, Y & Z at thesame height and body frame size, so many other issues enter the Diet Picture - such as health, gender, age and muscle mass.

3. What is a reasonable weight loss goal to set? So how much weight do you need to lose? Thin Thin recommends that you set your weight loss goal for 10 pounds - even if you need to lose 100 or more pounds. Once those 10 pounds are lost, if you need to lose more - then strive for another 10 pounds. When you arrive at a weight which appears to be close-to-ideal for you, adjust your daily diet plan from that point until you reach that 'magic number' on your weight scales. In addition, set your 10-pound weight loss goal in this manner:

Dieter X weighs 202 pounds and her overall goal of weight loss has been established at 145 pounds based on her height, gender and body frame size. Dieter X's FIRST weight loss goal should be as follows: FIRST GOAL WEIGHT = 189 POUNDS. When Dieter X reaches 189 pounds, her next weight loss goal should be 179 pounds. Then 169 pounds. Then 159 pounds. Then 149 pounds - and she can adjust from there to her ideal body weight.

Setting the goal weights into the lower decade of digits can be so motivating! While Dieter X was up into the 200 level of numbers - 13 pounds later, she is suddenly in her 180's. Let's view another example illustrating the establishment of weight loss goals.

Dieter Y weighs 168 pounds and her overall goal of weight loss has been established at 145 pounds based on her height, gender and body frame size. Dieter Y's FIRST weight loss goal should be set at 159 pounds because she is at the high end of her 160's. Her next weight loss goal should be 149 pounds - and she can adjust her ideal body weight from that point. Let's view another weight loss goal example.

Dieter Z weighs 257 pounds and his overall goal of weight loss has been set at 215 pounds by his doctor. Dieter Z has avidly lifted weights for many years, but his love for beer, cheese, sauces and fried foods packed on unwanted pounds. The good Diet News is that if Dieter Z had not been lifting weights, his body would have experienced massive weight gain. Dieter Z is also blessed with some nice body toning due to his weight lifting activity. Dieter Z is setting his FIRST weight loss goal at 249 pounds. Once he reaches his 240's, his next weight loss goal will be 239 pounds, then 229 pounds, then 219 pounds - and he can adjust to his ideal body weight from that point.


With this said - we cannot stress the importance of reaching a HEALTHY weight rather than an ideal number on the weight scales. While a chart may depict an individual's 'perfect or ideal weight' at 111 pounds, that individual may feel in p-poor health at that weight, particularly if they are constantly feeling hunger pains. Which brings us to our next Must-Ask Diet Question.

4. What is my current state of health? Thin Thin always recommend a visit to the doctor before beginning ANY weight reduction plan for many reasons. Those extra pounds my be compliments of thyroid imbalance. They may due to pregnancy. And they may even be due to a hidden illness.

Those individuals who currently have an ongoing health issue - whether hidden or not, require a specialized diet plan. If Dieter X is a diabetic or is battling heart ailments, going on a daily diet plan that strictly reduces carbohydrate intakes could prove deadly. Teen dieters who embrace a weight loss plan deficient in calories risk serious health issues, including death. An unhealthy daily diet plan deficient in calories and nutritional needs can also impact future health for those of all ages.

If you are aware of a particular health condition that you have OR if there is a high incident of a particular health condition in your family, ask your doctor about a daily diet plan that would enhance your level of health and longevity. For example, if you are at risk for a heart condition, your doctor may recommend eating less red meat and eating more fish containing healthy Omega 3's. The healthier daily diet plan will exclude fried foods and unhealthy snacks such as chips, fatty dips, and buttered popcorn. The healthier diet plan will include a barrage of healthy vegetables and fruits - consumed as close-as-possible to their natural state. Salad dressings, gravy, high-calorie and high-fat sauces will be exchanged for healthy low fat options. Your spice rack may become your best friend.

5. Am I willing to stick with my diet plan until those extra pounds are gone? Yo Yo Dieting can damage your good health. Let's take a look at how Yo Yo Dieting can impact one's health, leaving the dieter with more fat than Dallas has cars manned with crazy drivers.

- Dieter X weights 202 pounds and goes on a diet plan in January. She drops 20 pounds during the month. That's great! Congratulations, Dieter X! 182 pounds is certainly looking good!

- What's not-so-great is after Dieter X drops those 20 pounds, she decides to end her diet and regains 30 pounds during the month of February. That darn Cupid and 212 pounds doesn't look so hot on the weight scales. But we're not quite done.

- March. Another diet and another 20 pounds gone. Yeah! But yes, those naughty extra 10 pounds (compliments of Cupid) are still floating out in space, happily residing in Dieter X's fat cells. To recap, Dieter X currently weighs 192 pounds.

- April rolls around and Dieter X goes Diet A-I-P again, this time gaining 28 pounds. Dieter X now weighs 220 pounds.

- May. Another dreaded diet plan. This time, Dieter X isn't as enthused about losing weight. Her stomach just isn't in it. Even so, Dieter X manages to scrape off 10 unwanted pounds. Dieter X ends the month at 210 pounds.

- June and her favorite niece is getting married. That darn wedding cake - just too delicious to resist. It didn't help that her niece insisted sending home one of the layers with Dieter X. And that chocolate groom cake - magnificent! And oh my, all those lovely festivities leading up to the big day, filled with so many delicious, tempting goodies. So many goodies that Dieter X decided to just go with - to let down her Diet Hair and have a blast. Come July - after the fourth of course, she would get back on a diet plan and drop all the unwanted weight. She ends up the month gaining 25 pounds for a total of 235 pounds.

- July and it's so difficult dieting in summer. Too hot. Needs ice cream. Even so, Dieter X decides to stick with her diet plan. But this time, it just didn't work. She woke up with great Diet Intentions, but by evening on most days, Dieter X had discarded her healthy diet plan for ice cream. Cool, delicious ice cream. Her weight at the end of the month: 245 pounds. Not fair! Particularly as she had been dieting!

- August and another month of salads and dieting. But with determination, Dieter X drops 25 pesky, unwanted pounds. Her weight at the end of the month: 220 pounds. Yeah! She's finally getting somewhere!

- September and Dieter X is very motivated to keep dropping weight. So much so that she drops another 25 pounds. Her weight at the end of the month: 195 pounds.

- October. All was well until the week of Halloween. Why oh why did she have a fixation for candy corn? And caramel apples covered in nuts? And pumpkin pie? And pumpkin roll? And pumpkin cake? All in all, she dropped 10 pounds the first three weeks in October, but unfortunately experienced a 5-pound weight gain during that last week. Diet Bummer. Dieter X's weight at the end of the month: 180 pounds.

- November and Dieter X's plans for weight loss are quickly going to Diet Hell in a Hand Basket. Treats are just like Santa - they are everywhere! Fruitcake, egg nog, roasted turkey legs, gravy, mashed potatoes with lots of butter, dinner rolls with lots of butter, yams covered in melted marshmallows, cranberry sauce, Italian Creme cake, quadruple chocolate cake, candies, fudge, fudge and more fudge! Impossible to resist! Dieter X cringes when she sees 190 pounds on her weight loss scales at the end of November.

- December and what the Diet Hey! Dieter X is going to have fun and enjoy frolicking through all the treats throughout the holiday season. No regrets. But that thought instantly fades into major regrets as Dieter X opens her Weight Gain Gift on December 31st. The scales reads 202 pounds - and a Diet Bell is going off inside her head as that number sounds awfully familiar! Wait! Can't be! It's the same number on the weight scales as last December 31st! How could it be? She had suffered a good portion of the year while on a diet plan. Just say it ain't so!

Sad but so, Dieter X accomplished nothing positive throughout the year in regards to her weight. Unfortunately, her Yo Yo dieting has taken its toll on the health of her body. She would have been healthier if she would have remained at a steady weight throughout the year rather than up, then down, then up and down. Her body is currently locked in Diet Dizzy Mode.

6. Am I willing to embrace a healthy daily diet plan after the extra pounds are gone? This is one of the most difficult decisions that a dieter must face - and it must be faced head-on. When pounds are regained after dieting, the dieter risks going into Diet Yo Yo Mode. Just one quick glance at Dieter X's ordeal should be enough to make us keep our Diet Promise of a life-long commitment to a healthier daily diet.

7. What type of daily diet plan do I want to choose for weight loss? Thin Thin recommends choosing a daily diet plan that you can follow for the rest of your lift - not just for the period of weight loss. Determine your body's daily calorie needs for your recommended weight along with the recommended servings from the Official Food Groups. Stick to those key points, and you'll never have to worry about weight issues again!

8. What type of activity plan do I want to marry to my healthy daily diet plan? Whatever activity that you choose, be certain that you never hit the floor running! Start our your activity slow and build from there. Doing otherwise risks damage to your body and health, not to mention those sore, aching muscles.

9. Am I willing to embrace my activity plan going forward - after the extra pounds are gone? Choose an activity that you'll want to continue from this point going forward. Get the rust out - and keep it out!

10. Will weight loss solve all my problems? Once the extra, unwanted pounds are lost, the post-dieter is faced with an entirely new challenge: Weight Maintenance. Take note - and take this note very seriously... Weight Maintenance is eons more difficult that weight loss. More than 90% of individuals who lose weight, regain the weight over time, with many regaining more weight than they lost. Knowing the hurdles that are to be faced can assist in ensuring that you don't do the same! Permanent weight loss can certainly be achieved and there are so many healthy benefits waiting to be enjoyed - a longer life, a healthier life, a body that looks and feels great! So get started - and don't get started today. Get started getting your healthier body RIGHT NOW! This second!  Make a life-long commitment to your good health. You can do it! I did so many years ago, dropping more than 100 pounds, and keeping it off. And you can too! Go tiger!

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