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Diet Game OR Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

Written by Thin Thin

Is your diet a game or platform for permanent weight loss OR is your diet a healthy daily diet plan based on the Food Pyramid that teaches you and trains you to achieve permanent weight loss success?


Diets these days, they come and go and where they land, nobody knows. Many weight loss programs and diet plans feature a game-like platform.

In the beginning, it's really fun answering all the personalized questions, as well as determining which type of diet personality you might be, or which foods best-fit your astrological symbol, or counting the number of times you chew a particular food - but in the end the bottom line is, "Is your diet or weight loss plan more of a game than a healthy mode of weight loss?"

It's important to note that most post dieters do not keep the lost weight off. Weight is re-gained, in addition to even more extra pounds. Even when one is in the Public Eye - on display with the world as a stage, dramatic weight loss becomes dramatic weight gain as time goes by - more often than not.

Popular television shows featuring overweight individuals who are in desperate need to drop pounds are often put through situations which place not only their long-term health in danger, but their very lives. And as time continues to go by, we now have a record that we can look at - to see if the weight remained off over time. In hindsight, it's not a healthy picture. All that suffering, all that pain - all for nothing in so many cases.

We have popular celebrities who were in need of experiencing a 'dramatic' weight loss - having everything they could have possibly needed at their fingertips in order to achieve weight loss success: personal trainers, personal dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, exercise equipment, weight loss counselors, specialize foods - yet the vast majority have not been able to take the leap from 'temporary weight loss success' TO 'permanent weight loss success'.


Why not? Is there a particular secret for those who have lost weight and who have kept it off for a decade or more going forward? Indeed, permanent weight loss can be achieved.

Who better to ask than someone who has achieved exactly that? In the event that you are unfamiliar with my personal weight loss success more than a dozen years ago, I lost over 125 pounds and have kept them off - more than half my previous body weight.

So keeping that in mind, let's get back to the 'secret of permanent weight loss success'. And it's not a very digestible secret - a very hard Reality Pill to swallow. The secret in achieving permanent weight loss success is that temporarily reducing the number of daily calories consumed will indeed render weight loss results - but only temporarily, no matter what type of foods and beverages are consumed.

In order to achieve permanent weight loss success, the individual must permanently adhere to a daily diet consisting of their body's caloric (energy) needs. Energy can be balanced through diet and activity. And of course, adding activity equals a healthier, more fit body.

And while the body can permanently maintain its recommended weight based on the calorie content of foods and beverages consumed, as well as energy expended (the old dietary balance), poor health can ensue unless the energy sources are healthy energy choices.

For example, Dieter Betty requires 1,600 calories per day. She loves cinnamon rolls which contain 200 calories per roll. Dieter Betty enjoys one cinnamon roll for breakfast, one for mid-morning snacktime, a 200 calorie serving of chicken for lunch along with two cinnamon rolls, and a 200 calorie salad for dinner along with two more cinnamon rolls. Dieter Betty has kept within her recommended calorie requirement for her body, but it doesn't take a genius to see that her body's nutrient requirements are suffering greatly.


So the bottom line is this: Unless the pre-dieter is willing to consume the amount of calories their body requires for their recommended weight from the starting point going forward - YES, for the rest of their lives, then weight gain will quickly arrive with its pre-packed bags of fat at the Post Diet Doorstep.

That's the sad truth about weight loss. Most individuals feel that they could accomplish anything if they could simply slay the Weight Gain Dragon while in reality, their biggest challenge arrives after the diet ends - after the weight has been lost. And while a dieter can play Fad Diet Games with their good health, unless the dieter is willing to adhere to their body's required energy needs going forward, balanced with healthy activity - the dieter has a higher risk of a better level of health by NOT dieting rather than embracing an unending circle of YO-YO Dieting.

And take heart because indeed, permanent weight loss success is yours for the taking! Is it easy? Heck no! Particularly during the holidays, vacations and special events where food is showcased. The post-dieter is continually tested. However, the healthy benefits greatly outweigh the taste of any food on the planet. So YES - go for the Diet Gold and drop those extra pounds, with the intent of keeping them off permanently or you may be doing more damage to your health than good.

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