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Dieter Beware - Weight Loss & Dieting Guarantees & Promises

Written by Thin Thin

Unfortunately, most aren't worth the screen they're written upon & are nothing more than scams.....

1. Impressive Weight Loss Results Based on Internal Studies 


Not all weight loss and dieting studies are created equally, particularly when a company conducts internally-driven studies - without the use of an outside qualified source who has zero interest in said-company. 

What to look for: 

When viewing weight loss ads, look for the tiny print which states something to the effect of, ‘Weight results not typical. Product must be accompanied by a controlled daily diet of restricted calories in addition to moderate activity. Actor portrayal.’ 

2. Mail-Order Weight Loss & Dieting Meals 

More and more weight loss businesses are offering an at-home delivery service featuring meals that are lower in calories and fat which include common favorites such as pizza, hamburgers and chocolate. While this service may be perfect for some dieters, for those who are watching their budget OR for those who don’t like the flavors of home-delivered diet meals, a cheaper - and at times, a more tasty option is to do the shopping yourself. 

From frozen to freeze-dried lower calories, lower fat options - it’s a Dieter’s Paradise at the local market these days. Many tasty diet-friendly meals can be purchased for about $2.00. Considering that many mail-order food delivery programs do not contain breakfast or complete snacks, for $4.00 per day a dieter can purchase their lunch and dinner entrees for a skinny $28.00 per week - which is a fraction of the cost of mail-order diet programs. Lot’s of extra dough here for healthy snacks and breakfast items. 

In addition, the downside to ALL prepared meals is the lack of freshness and the unhealthy additives contained in prepared meals. Convenience does come with a hefty price tag at times. 


What to look for: 

We’ve seen it again and again on television - a pitch person (generally a celebrity) losing weight, then quickly regaining the weight after leaping off the program. Therefore, when using a mail-order, diet food delivery program - as with any weight loss plan, the post-dieter MUST continue to consume a daily diet that meets their personal calorie needs. Any overage of calories (energy) - even from a healthy dietary source such as celery or carrots, will be stored in the fat cells for future energy needs. 

3. Guaranteed Weight Loss Results OR Your Money Back 

Right and uh-huh. And oh - did the company mention that the handling fees and miscellaneous charges such as shipping would not be refunded? 

What to look for: 

Due to an uncontrolled environment, in addition to the diverse chemical make-up of every individual on earth - there is NO guarantee that can be applied when it comes to weight loss results. 

Let’s say that again: 


Think about it…  Why would a company set forth a guarantee for a weight loss product when they don’t have one of their employees standing over the dieter, monitoring the process? Doesn’t quite make sense, does it? 

Here’s the truth. The key to the company’s success is a combination of the following factors: 

a. Get the consumer to purchase the product which costs less than the shipping, handling and miscellaneous charges - which equals quick revenue. Take note that shipping and handling charges almost-always exceed actually cost of the selling price of the product, which is bloated from the get-go. 

b. Once the company has the consumer’s money in the bank, accrued interest is added to the ‘shipping, handling charges, miscellaneous charges’ revenue. 

c. Some consumers won’t bother in requesting their money back if the product doesn’t work. 

d. Because thousands of consumers may opt-in for the product, the sheer number alone puts the Revenue Odds in the seller’s favor. Say…..1 million products get sold, all of which contain a ‘Money-Back Guarantee’. If the company only manages to make $1.00 each on the product - that’s over 1 million dollars PLUS bank interest on that money - which of course, can handsomely pay for ads. 

4. Quick Weight Loss Results 

Most dieters do not take weight loss as a serious health risk, rather they choose to embrace the idea that ‘quick weight loss’ equals ‘healthy weight loss’. Over time, many television programs have added to that misconception - and unfortunately, quick weight loss results is a chief reason why some television contestants quickly regain the lost weight, in addition to more weight. 


That aside, weight loss is a very serious undertaking and the more weight that an individual has to lose, the more serious the situation - particularly if the individual has a hidden health condition such as diabetes or heart disease. 

Just look at what sudden change does to the body in the instances of extreme heat or cold. We can easily view these external responses which may include: sweating, variation in skin color, respiratory deviations and so forth. 

In the event of quick weight loss OR rapid weight loss, we are unable to view the internal changes - including the internal damages, which may not appear for months or years. 

When the body does not receive the energy required to support its functions, most dieters assume that it starts burning fat at a rapid rate. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The truth is that the body’s metabolism slows to a snail’s pace, conserving precious energy. The metabolism has no idea that the individual is purposely restricting energy. At this point, the metabolism has kicked into a life-saving mode. 

And to clarify a step further, the majority of energy consumed throughout the day doesn’t go towards the activities performed - even when an individual runs and jumps until their brains fall out; the majority of energy (calories) is used in supporting our internal functions. The body uses a massive amount of the energy we consume, just to live.  

And while we’re on this topic, take note of ‘Calorie Burn Charts’ depicting the number of calories burned for a particular activity. Many INCLUDE the number of calories used by the body whether exercise is involved, or not. Subtract the base-calories used by the body, and the number of calories burned during exercise no longer look so impressive. So does this mean that we shouldn’t bother exercising? NO WAY! Exercise is necessary for optimum health and strengthens the body, as well as builds strong muscles which take more calories to support than fat. 

What to look for: 

Again - look for that ‘money back guarantee’ promise which in most cases can be interpreted to read, “Go on - bite the bait, why don‘t ya!” 

5. Weight Loss Products Promising Improved Internal Health 

From yogurt to body cleansing products, buyer beware. In fact, seeing a group of women discussing irregularity issues while sucking down a ‘solution’ yogurt is quite disgusting. Notice how these-type ads state, “For occasional irregularity”? And even that is currently up for debate. 

As to body cleansing solutions - that’s what these stellar internal organs were created for - to remove toxins and to keep the body running smoothly. In fact, introducing a foreign product into the body can result in totally dismantling the body’s balance, including precious electrolytes. It’s called, “The Unbalancing Act”. 

Before depending upon these-type products to work miracles - ask for the advice of a qualified professional doctor.

What to look for: 

Products promising to correct or improve good health. Particularly where vitamins and body cleansing products are concerned - be certain to seek a doctor’s advice BEFORE taking the product. If an individual also takes over-the-counter drugs in combination with a vitamin supplement, they could be posing serious risks to their health, including paralysis or death due to Vitamin Toxicity.

Bottom Weight Loss Line: Lose weight wisely and safely to achieve a better level of health.

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