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How to Lose 10 Pounds Safely

Written by Thin Thin

Those Last 10 Pounds are Really Hard to Lose - Thin Thins' Weight Loss Tips


Why are 10 Pounds so Hard to Lose? - Whether you've lost a lot of weight and are down to those last 10 pesky unwanted pounds, or if you're simply trying to lose 10 pounds, why are they so hard to shave off?

When there are only 10 pounds to lose, the body has very few calories to budget in order to stimulate weight loss.

For example, one pound consists of about 3,500 calories. Let's say that Dieter Annie needs to drop 75 pounds.

Her current daily diet consists of about 3,000 calories. Dieter Annie can cut her daily diet in half to 1,500 calories and in turn lose about 3 pounds per week.

Within three weeks, Dieter Annie will have lost 10 pounds. Dieter Annie has a lot of extra calories to budget to generate weight loss.


On the other hand, we have Dieter Jill whose daily diet consists of 1,600 calories. 

She needs to lose 10 pounds and her doctor has told her not to go below 1,200 calories per day - otherwise she could increase health risks to her body.

Therefore, Dieter Jill only has 400 calories per day to budget towards weight loss. Unfortunately, it will take Dieter Jill about three months to lose her unwanted 10 pounds.

Also keep in mind that as the body shrinks, it requires fewer and fewer calories and is continually adjusting to suit those newly-acquired calorie needs. Therefore, the more weight one loses, the less calories their body will require which in turn slows down the weight loss pace a tab more.     

Here are some more suggestions and weight loss tips that can assist in losing those last ten unwanted pounds:

How to Lose 10 Pounds Safely

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips Keep in mind that calories govern our weight.

If you are trying to lose 10 pounds and have already lost weight but appear to be stuck in neutral where those last 10 pounds are concerned, your daily diet may consist of too many calories to support a lower weight, or less energy consumption to burn sufficient stored calories to generate weight loss. Adjusting calorie intake as well as increasing activity should trigger weight loss.


weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips It takes time to lose weight.

The body slowly adjusts to weight loss. A dramatic drop in weight has the potential to do harm to the body - at times, permanent harm. In fact, excess weight can be less harmful to one's health than a massive amount of weight lost in a short period of time.

Hair loss, dental issues, skin conditions, heart risks, digestive woes - all can be the result of a weight loss plan which is intended to produce massive amounts of weight loss in a short period of time. Facts as well as tv programs focusing on weight loss show that people who drop pounds too quickly often regain the weight shortly thereafter.

The body processes 'data' being fed into it very slowly to ensure life - the best quality of life while performing it's first & foremost task: preserving life while protecting all of the facilities housed within. Therefore, losing those last ten pounds may simply require patience.

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips The daily diet is the most important factor where weight loss is concerned.

- Digestion, absorption and storage of energy  requires 5% to 10% of our total daily energy requirement.

- Maintaining the body's vital processes requires 60% to 70% of our total daily energy requirements.

- 15% to 30% of the total daily energy requirement is expended through all forms of physical activity

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips Weight Loss tips related to the daily diet.

The basic formula for weight loss in regards to the daily diet embraces the following:

- Limit fat and oils in the daily diet, keeping them to a minimum. This includes salad dressing, Mayo, and sandwich spreads. Be sure to trim all visible fat and skin from animal proteins, as well as opt for the leanest cut possible.

- Limit sugar, including sugary sodas, syrup, bakery items and homemade desserts, instead opting for fresh, frozen or unsweetened canned fruits.

- Stick to recommended servings sizes, resisting second helpings. Smaller plates can assist in making food appear larger in regards to portion size.

- Put the brakes on snacks, particularly chips, dips, buttered popcorn, cookies, candy and so forth.

- Enjoy three meals per day which include a balance of required foods for total nutrition from the official pyramid OR enjoy six smaller meals per day based on the food pyramid.

- Consume ample fluid intake, concentrating on water as the main source. About 8 cups per day (includes the amount of water in foods as well as beverages) are required for the average person. Drinking an excessive amount of water can create an imbalance of the electrolytes in the body causing illness and possibly death - so don't go nuts with the water particularly during short periods of time.

- Get ample exercise, sleep and balance the exercise with relaxation. Find something that you just love doing - something that you want to do as soon as you wake up each and every day - something that is exciting and that you look forward to with great anticipation. Most people who live beyond 100 have this thread in common.

In Weight Loss Summary- Anyone can lose those last 10 pounds, and they tend to be stubborn to come off more times than not. The less weight that one has to lose, the less calories they have to budget, making weight loss very challenging.

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