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Attractive at Any Size

Written by Thin Thin

Beautiful & Confident at Any Size


Let's look into Jane's life to explore this touchy weight topic further. Jane is a young mother in her mid-thirties, five foot two inches in height and weighs 210 pounds.

She is very conscious of her weight -sort of like some people who are embarrassed if they don't have teeth so white that they glow in the dark, which actually is unnatural in itself.

Ultra white teeth are the opposite of what nature intended, just like those extra pounds that Jane is dealing with. However, people in general tend to overlook some areas of imperfection over others.

Weight is rarely overlooked and one is often judged on their level of intelligence, their level of beauty and even their personality based on weight.


No wonder Jane is so self conscious!

Jane has tried to lose weight more times than she cares to count. At times she achieved great weight loss success while other times the diet didn't last more than a few hours. It was difficult at best trying to juggle a career, motherhood and wifey-hood.

Jane hasn't felt attractive in years, and whenever she goes to the movies or watches the tele - those svelte actresses make her even more self-conscious of her weight. At least her husband isn't continually picking on her because of her weight, and that was probably the only plus moment in Jane's life - and yes, those crummy plus-sized clothes.

She hopes that at some point she will be able to lose all the excess weight, and until then she will continue feeling very self-conscious and guilty over the weight she has gained. What Jane doesn't realize is that being attractive is more than teeny-tiny numbers on a scale. Personality rules! There are so many overweight actors and actresses who are dear to many of us. And Jane can do a lot to bring out the beauty locked within. Anyone who is overweight can be attractive!

Here are a few tips that will assist Jane - or anyone who is feeling self-conscious about their weight and who wants to feel attractive and beautiful again.

Tips for Anyone Self-Conscious About Being Overweight

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips Keep in mind that beauty is a state of mind. When one feels beautiful - one IS beautiful!

How many times have you felt like someone was avoiding you because you asked a question and they didn't answer? However, later you discover that the individual has not answered your question because they had not heard your question. Point to Ponder: Just because we feel certain emotions doesn't mean that the people around us are feeling those same emotions. While an individual may feel self-conscious about their weight, the person they are interacting with my in turn be thinking, " What a delightful person! I'd love to know more about her/him."


weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips   Stand up tall and proud - get those shoulders to a state of square.

Slouching can add false pounds to the body, making one appear to weigh more than they actually do. And when one is self-conscious about their weight it is generally accompanied with poor posture which assists in expressing mood.

Practice sitting up straight, as well as standing up straight throughout the day. Like right straight are you sitting in your chair? Don't move just yet! Instead, look down and view your tummy area, as well as the chest area. Now, readjust your posture, sitting up straight, readjusting your poster. Look down and view the difference. Substantial, isn't it!

For females, be sure to wear a properly fitting bra which can take pounds off without a diet.

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips   White is not kind to shapes and sizes.

White clothing, including women's white stockings can add pounds to one's shape. Darker colors are kinder and work to lend a thinner appearance.
Try an experiment. If you have a white outfit, put it on and take a picture. Next, try on a darker outfit and again take a picture. Compare the differences.

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips   Tans, Belts, Wide Rimmed Hats, Shoes & Swimsuits

- A tanned body works like the 'darker outfit' example above in lending a thinner shape.

- Belts are tricky as they work both for and against our shapes. While Lady Fay may look thinner with a belt around her garment, Lady Anne may not as the belt serves to accentuate her wider hips.

- Wide rimmed hats can assist in balancing weight and may lend a thinner appearance.

- Taller shoes can stretch one's appearance creating a leaner appearance.

- When shopping for swimsuits, look for the ones that have the little skirts attached which conceal the area where the legs meet. Wraps are also a great grab, and are very fashionable.

In Summary- Anyone can be beautiful or handsome at any weight and any size. The size of one's heart rules over the size of one's body. Be proud of who you are - no matter what you look like or how much you weigh. There is only one you and there will never be anyone else like you.

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