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Comfort Foods for Weight Loss Results

Written by Thin Thin

Comfort Foods Can be a Part of a Healthy Diet Plan


Missing Comfort Foods for Weight Loss - Almost-all diet plans for weight loss start out great with the dieter very focused and motivated to lose weight. But as time S-L-O-W-L-Y eeks by, most dieters start missing their former favorite foods.

If this sounds familiar, Thin Thin has some great suggestions that will satisfy your cravings for some of the most common food favorites.

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips Ice Cream - We all scream for ice cream, particularly when we see an increase in our weight scales.....

If ice cream is one of your most favorite foods, the following ice cream versions may satisfy your cravings:

- When nothing but your favorite ice cream will do, measure out the recommended serving size and include that in your Daily Calorie Total. Calories in ice cream varies greatly, depending upon the type of ice cream as well as the brand. A rich vanilla ice cream contains 266 calories per cup serving and 17.33 total fat grams. A light version of vanilla ice cream contains 137 calories per cup serving and 3.67 total fat grams. A 'fat-free' version of vanilla ice cream contains 97 calories per cup serving and 1.50 total fat grams.

- Ice cream bars containing 100 or fewer calories. I tend to keep a selection of 70-calorie ice cream bars on hand, particularly during the warm months. My current favorite is Blue Bunny's Dream Bars which I feel are the best-tasting Dream Bars around. They are creamy, contain a skinny 70 calories each and the orange coating is sweet without being over-powering.


- Ice cream that is light, sugar-free, or low fat might be a good option. Take note that the lighter versions of ice cream may disagree with your digestive system and create massive amount of gas (isn't that lovely?).

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips   Gravy, Rich Sauces & Salad Dressings - Almost-all foods that are closest to their natural state are super foods, low in calories, low in fat  and rich in nutrients. It's when we start drowning them in gravy, rich sauces and salad dressings that things go awry.

Gravy Tips for Weight Loss: Gravy calories vary greatly depending upon the type of gravy and the brand of gravy. Calories range from 10 to 70 calories per serving which equals cup. The key to keeping calories low is measuring out your serving size because it's easy to over-do when it comes to gravy. Check the labels for calorie content in you're using a prepared version - and watch the sodium content. For homemade gravy, allow 50 calories for a cup serving.

Rich Sauces Tips for Weight Loss: There are sauces, and then there are sauces! Always check the labels because like gravy, brand differ greatly in calorie content. And before adding a glob of that favorite something or another to your food, be sure to measure out the serving size.

Salad Dressing Tips for Weight Loss: Opting for the lighter versions of your favorite salad dressing can save a plethora of calories. If you can't forego your favorite, try your own half-and-half mix one part regular dressing and one part light dressing. Odds are, you'll barely notice the difference, but your bathroom scales will!


weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips   Say Cheese! Oh my, this little cheesy demon uproots more weight loss plans than almost-any other food because it's so luscious, so flavorful and yes, so high in calories.

Light is the way to go when it comes to cheese. Opting for a low fat or lighter version of your favorite cheese can cut calories in half.

If you enjoy the jarred cheeses found in the chip section at your local market, don't count them out. Most contain about 40 calories per serving and are full of flavor. If 40 calories blows one's weight loss plan to smithereens, then it wasn't much of a weight loss plan to begin with, particularly as they will be counted towards the daily caloric intake.

weight loss, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips   Chocolate rules! In fact, without chocolate the world would stop spinning.....

If you love chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate muffins, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cup cakes, chocolate pudding - chocolate everything, then try enjoying of a regular chocolate bar for about 100 calories. Allow the chocolate to slowly melt in your mouth. There. Now isn't life just a little bit sweeter now?

In Weight Loss Summary - Opting for lower calorie food favorites can keep the dieter in-focus for weight loss while assisting with satisfying favorite food cravings.

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