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Free Weight Loss Plan for Permanent Weight Loss Results

Written by Thin Thin

Thin Thin for Weight Loss Tips & Free Weight Loss Plans & Meal Planners

If you’re currently on a diet or weight loss plan, odds are - this isn’t your first Diet Rodeo. But ‘this time’ you’re very serious about roping those extra pounds and pitching them into Never-Never Diet Land. No more clowning around where weighty issues are concerned.

Thin Thin will show you how to lose those unwanted pounds quickly, safely and permanently. Let’s get started losing weight, shall we?

Thin Thins Weight Loss Plan is very simple and to the point. We don’t recommend specialized weight reduction plans containing ‘Success Stars’ or one-food diets, or fad diets. Not only are these modes unhealthy, once a specialized weight loss plan ends the dieter more often than not feels lost and abandoned - not knowing which way to turn in the area of their daily diet plan going forward.

It’s vital to note that Weight Maintenance is the most important factor in keeping the weight off permanently.

The Weight Maintenance Phase is almost-always the point where successful dieters become derailed. They have just experienced successful weight loss, losing five pounds, ten pounds, thirty pounds, fifty pounds, seventy-five pounds, one-hundred pounds or more, their bodies in the best shape that it has been in for quite some time. They have suddenly arrived at the Portal of Weight Maintenance.

Some will stare into the space ahead, not knowing which way to go. After all, their weight loss plan was successful. It’s behind them now. Onward and forward to better things - like life itself. Smaller clothes, a thinner body, a body that not only looks better but one that also feels better!

Unfortunately, amid their dazed state and with no Weight Maintenance Plan in place, many will slowly pack back on the unwanted pounds. And they will not only come back in a fury, but they’ll also bring along some ‘new-pound-friends‘.

Statistics indicate that almost-all dieters regain the lost weight in addition to more pounds. It may take a few weeks or a few months, or even a few years, but it’s certainly not set in Diet Stone.

Therefore, it is Thin Thins conclusion that the best weight loss plan is one that will stick with the dieter from Day 1 of the weight loss plan going forward. Yes, permanently for permanent weight loss results!

Thin Thins Permanent Weight Loss Plan - Step by Step

1. Recommended Weight

Determine your recommended weight. While your doctor is your best source for determining your ideal weight, Thin Thin has a chart which can be used as a pattern in setting your recommended weight which is located here.

2. Calorie Intake

For every 10 pounds of weight, your body will require about 100 calories for its inactive state. For example, if Ellen’s recommended weight is 130 pounds, her body in its inactive state will require about 1,300 calories to support her current weight.

3. Activity & Exercise

Needless to say, adding a healthy dose of activity to your daily routine not only allows you to enjoy more calories, it also strengthens the body and maintains peak performance. If Ellen enlists an exercise or activity plan into her daily routine, she can enjoy more calories as the activity assists in burning calories. The number of calories which Ellen burns through activity depends upon her current weight, as well as other factors such as muscle mass, age, metabolism and gender. For example, if Ellen enjoys 1 hour of hiking or other aerobic activity she will burn about 350 calories based on the weight of 130 pounds.

Because every individual is unique, their body will require a different number of calories to support their ideal weight. To determine your unique number of required daily calories, pay close attention to your weight scales and adjust accordingly keeping the ‘100 calories per 10 pounds‘ pattern in mind.

4. Healthy Choices for the Daily Diet

For optimum health, make healthy choices in your daily diet plan. Let’s look at a few examples:

- Rather than opting for apple pie, enjoy a healthy apple.
- Rather than a strawberry milkshake, enjoy a serving of low fat milk blended with frozen strawberries and a shot of vanilla.
- Rather than enjoying a piece of fried chicken, opt for a serving of roasted chicken without the skin or visible fat.

Does this mean that you can’t ever enjoy another slice of cheesecake? Fresh baked bread with butter? Pancakes drowning in maple syrup?

Of course not! However, strive to keep those less-healthy food choices at a minimum rather than a daily thing. Most unhealthy food choices contain a significant number of calories. For example: a slice of apple pie may be equal to a half-dozen fresh apples.

5. Healthier Beverage Choices in the Daily Diet

Milkshakes, malts, fruit juice, sodas, whole milk, sweetened tea, heavily creamed & heavily sugared coffee, coconut milk, and smoothies can all be extreme in caloric content. Making smart choices allows more wholesome foods into the daily diet. Your best choice of beverage? Water!

6. Fat Reduced, Sugar Reduced Foods in the Daily Diet

When losing weight, sugar substitutes can assist greatly but should only be used for a short time. Sugar substitutes can create all sorts of negative issues within the body including weight gain, digestive issues, increased sensitivity to allergens, and a weakened immunity system.

Therefore, opt for foods that are closest to their natural state to keep calorie content as low as possible. When sugar is a factor, opt for the naturally sweetened versions. Where dairy products are concerned, opting for fat reduced versions will save calories; an additional plus is that many contain more calcium than they fatter Dairy Peers.

7. A Happy Life

One of the commonalities found in those individuals who live to a ripe old age is that they enjoy a happy lifestyle which contains minimal stress. They also embrace an activity which brings them contentment and joy. And they get adequate rest - including relaxation time as well as sleep time.

Stress generates weight gain and plays havoc with our good health - including weight gain. While all of us have stress in our lives, stress related to happy times - such as weddings, holidays, vacation time and so forth impact our health status far less than those times of stress where we feel lost, hopeless and unloved.

In Weight Loss Summary

Opting for Thin Thins Permanent Weight Loss Plan sets forth a healthy lifestyle pattern which concentrates on a healthy diet plan going forward. Don’t just lose weight - keep those unwanted pounds off for good - YOUR GOOD!

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