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November Weight Loss Tips - Calories in Holiday Pies

Written by Thin Thin

'The holidays are quickly approaching - And upon my diet, quickly encroaching.' ~ Thin Thin

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Do you enjoy shopping during the holidays? So many ads these days lend the impression that most people find shopping to be a chore.

While it's difficult to imagine anyone enjoying overcrowded malls and stores, in addition to exposure to illnesses prevalent this time of year, those long check-out lines and bawling kids whose moms are generally locked in an oblivious stupor as they struggle to determine the perfect gift for Aunt Edna - there are positives about the season that can render healthy weight loss results in a fun manner.

And while most of us these days are clipped for spending money, one doesn't always have to spend money to enjoy window shopping. Those dazzling displays of lights - those jolly Saint Nicks - those snow-embossed holidays scenes - and those cute little dancing elves - so many cute and wonderful things to keep the mind occupied as we window shop and burn off calories. And when we go window shopping on a less busy day, it's double the fun!

Just be sure to avoid the snack bars, or if you do, choose wisely. It takes a simple square of fudge to erase all of the calories burned amid a two-hour window shopping adventure.

Calories In Pies: It's November and pies are definitely in! Pumpkin pie, blueberry pie, cherry pie, pecan pie - and so many more delicious holiday pies. How many calories do they contain? We've got the scoop and some zippy tips to help you keep on track with weight loss.

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Beverage Calories Really Add Up Quickly: Weight Gain is often due to the types of beverages that we consume rather than the types and amounts of food.

Getting Diet Game-Faced: If you're trying to drop those unwanted pounds amid the holiday season, you are aware of the challenges ahead. And as time S-L-O-W-L-Y rolls on, those challenges are only going to get tougher.

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