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December Weight Loss Tips - Two Foods to Avoid for Successful Weight Loss

Written by Thin Thin

'The holidays are quickly approaching - And upon my diet, quickly encroaching.' ~ Thin Thin

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Sugar Calories: Need to ditch a few unwanted pounds? You can accomplish successful weight loss by simply decreasing two foods in your daily diet: Sugar & Fat.

Calories in Fat: Good old Fat adds flavor to food and can assist in keeping the body satisfied for longer periods of time, but boy oh boy - does it reek havoc on our good health when we fall into the old Fat Vat.

Permanent Weight Loss: A Dieter's Goal Should be Safe, Permanent Weight Loss for Optimum Health; our boss tips can help!

Change Eating Habits for Weight Loss: Here are a few questions, suggestions, weight loss tips and personal experiments that can assist in weight loss, as well as a healthier body:...

Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays: Is the taste of food worth weight gain? AND, How delicious is delicious?

To Market, To Market: How healthy is your Market Cart? Does it have a loose wheel? Does it wobble and list as it's going down life's pathway? Does it squeak or bump? If so, it's time to re-examine the foods placed into the cart. Doing such can lead to better health and a longer life, and a body that feels better all over.....

December Weight Loss Tips - Holiday Weight Gain Concerns

'The holidays are quickly approaching - And upon my diet, quickly encroaching.' ~ Thin Thin

It's extremely difficult to totally avoid all the delicious treats circling the Diet Village during the holiday season. Tasty Christmas cookies, pies, cakes, flans, tarts, rolls, pastries and so forth can make the mouth water just thinking about them.

And although these yummy desserts and treats are loaded with flavor, unfortunately, most come mined with calories which can lead to unwanted weight gain.

How many calories does it take to gain a pound?

It's important to note that the body uses a certain number of calories per day based on current weight, height, muscle mass, activity level, gender, age, ethnic background, climate and so forth. Weight gain does not ensue until we feed the body more calories than it is using. Any extra calories - even if from an innocent cucumber, are stored in the fat cells to be used when/if needed at a later date.

Therefore, it takes 3,500 EXCESS calories to gain one pound of weight.

While that may seem like a lot of calories, it doesn't take long for calories to add-up quickly when it comes to holiday desserts. Here are just a few examples of pie based on a one slice serving size:



Banana Cream, no bake










Lemon Meringue


When/if you enjoy holidays treats, here are some Weight Loss Tips that may be of help in keeping weight gain away:

- Try your best to find out how many calories are contained in the goody you're enjoying (before you eat the goody).

- If you plan on enjoying a piece of cheesecake during the day, consider ways that you can trim breakfast, lunch and dinner calories to allow for the cheesecake calories.

Example: Dieter Dana plans to enjoy a slice of Raspberry Cheesecake which contains 400 calories. Her diet plan is based on the following:

Breakfast: 300 calories, Lunch: 500 calories, Dinner: 500 calories, Snacks: two per day for a total of 100 calories. Dieter Dana's total daily calories allowed on her current diet plan equal  1,400 calories.

Dieter Dana has decided to eat 1 egg and 1 slice of toast for breakfast with 1 pat of margarine/butter. Her calories for breakfast now total 200 calories.

Dieter Dana has decided to enjoy her for lunch menu, as planned. She has decided to skip snacks, thus adding 200 more calories she can work with towards her cheesecake treat.

For dinner, Dieter Dana skips the bread and margarine on her menu to account for the last 100 calories needed in order to enjoy her cheesecake without going off of her diet plan.

While this is not a situation that Dieter Dana should repeat on a daily basis, she can indeed work around her diet plan to include holidays treats.

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