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March Weight Loss Tips

Written by Thin Thin

"Weight Loss Coming in like a Lamb OR Lion AND Going Out Like a Lion OR Lamb"

Is your March Diet coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion? OR is it coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb?

If you're like most new dieters, you'll begin your new diet - hitting it like a banshee! Motivated, excited and anxious to shed all those extra pounds, you're going strong....for the first few days, that is. And then reality settles in; you start missing your old favorite foods that were too high in calories, sugar and fat to be a big part of your current daily diet plan. Bummers. Before you know what hit ya, it's the end of the month of March and you're going out like a baaing little lamb, running straight for those chocolate cupcakes filled with creamy goodness.

As we've said so many times - if there was just some way to bottle the intense level of Weight Loss Motivation that we feel when we're striking out on a new diet plan. But take heart little dieter, because whether you're just sailing off on a Weight Loss Adventure or if you've already journeyed far into your Weight Loss Adventure, the month of March offers all sorts of wonderful-wonderfuls which can enhance your adventure, as well as assist in losing those unwanted pounds quicker. Such as....

- With the weather warming-up in preparation for Spring, we're able to get out and about more - particularly those dieting Southerners. Walks can be more enjoyable and we can show off those new sporty duds.

- Warmer weather also allows more grilling opportunities. Time to dust off that rusty grill and fire her to life! She's craving lean meats and has a wanton desire to grill some healthy vegetables. Don't forget the pot of beans or her side-burner will feel abandoned.

- Warmer weather equals less clothing. It's so easy to hide behind a coat or sweater during those warmer months, sorta like sweeping dust under the carpet. Now we can visually see where we're at and that in-itself can be very motivating when it comes to weight loss.

- So many wonderful and tasty foods will start appearing in abundance at your local market like strawberries and vine-ripened tomatoes. Yum!

But we're not done yet. Let's view some more snazzy weight loss tips for March:

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