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April Weight Loss Tips

Written by Thin Thin

"Spring Into Step With Healthy Weight Loss Results!"

Oh wow - spring has sprung! Soon, most will be slipping into lighter clothing to accommodate the warmer temperatures....things like sun dresses, short-shorts, sleeveless shirts, and thongs - you know, the kind that one wears on their tootsies. Also in the mix is swim wear. And these days, more and more skin is flashed about. Oh my.....those teeny-weenie-bikinis are a long stretch from winter vests, sweaters and coats which served well in hiding hot spots.

So if you're looking to lose a few pounds OR if you're looking to lose a lot of pounds, the following weight loss tips can assist in doing exactly that. Keep in mind that size matters more to some than others. What one individual considers to be 'beauty' another individual may consider as something entirely different. Aim to please yourself because the fact is, you just can't please anyone else all the time. And now for those hot little weight loss tips:

The Natural Diet Plan - With spring in the air, more and more fresh fruits and veggies are arriving at our local markets, allowing a Diet Window of Opportunity for weight loss results! click to continue

Delicious Lower Calorie Enchiladas - If you're a big fan of enchiladas yet not a big fan of the calories and fat grams contained therein, you'll turn your head twice and do a flip over our lower calorie, low fat and yes - very cheesy recipe for enchiladas. click to continue

Outback Bread - A yummy yet easy lower calorie, low fat recipe for bread that can be whipped-up in a Diet Flash! click to continue

Weight Scales - The ongoing love/hate relationship, like most relationships - it can be tricky. Learn some hot tips that can render impressive numbers on the weight scales and turn your relationship from loathe to love. click to continue

The Real Grill - No better time than spring to drag out that rusty grill and fire her up with snazzy, low calorie recipes made for spring time weight loss results! click to continue

A Diet Poem, Copyrighted

an Original Weight Loss, Copyrighted by Thin Thin (May not be reposted without our written approval.)

Gretchen ogled over the guaranteed Diet Ad - grabbing six cookies, one last time for being Diet Bad,

Jerry stole three cupcakes, a sneaky Diet Cad - but his wife caught him red-handed, this former Diet Dad,

Nick tried losing pounds based on a Diet Fad - but when he lost his health to such, he wasn't Diet Glad,

Echo echoed Nick, she-too was Diet Had - and when she found out such, she was plenty Diet Mad,

Megan built her weight loss dreams on a solid Diet Pad - the official Food Pyramid was oh-so Diet Rad,

It's fair to say when diets fizzle, it's really Diet Sad - but when diets sizzle, one wins the whole Diet Wad.....

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