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Article Written by Thin Thin

Apple or Pear Theory


Apple or Pear? Although the Pear-Shape might represent the prospect of a longer life over that of the Apple-Shape, ‘pairing’ a healthy daily diet with exercise may produce the Apple of Mother Nature’s Eye. So for those struggling Apples, take heart in that a longer life can indeed be accomplished with just a little elbow grease.  

The shape of our bodies arrives with compliments of the Gene Pool and when buddied-up with poor eating habits and inactivity, we have three of the most influential factors when it comes to weighty issues.

But just as an Apple can equal a Pear, an individual born with undesirable weight genes can indeed achieve optimum health by canceling out poor eating habits and upping their level of activity.

In order to set the pace of healthy weight, first those extra pounds must be melted away. To accomplish such, we often reach for a diet – an unhealthy fad diet at that. It’s at this point that the dieter roams through the winding corridors of Weight Loss encountering one blockade after another until they either toss in the towel, or continue wandering.


It would seem that in order to achieve Weight Loss Success that one must locate a smart diet – a diet in which safe weight loss can be accomplished in a short amount of time – like in yesterday. In this new-age of dieting, one can find a plethora of weight loss plans pointing in all four directions of the wind - bookstores, television, libraries - the web.  But smart, safe weight-reduction plans are few and far between.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, a clear solution emerges through the Diet Mist.

Why not invite only raw foods into your market basket, and in turn into your daily diet?

After all, foods closest to their natural state are lowest in fat and calories - just like an apple and a pear.


Eating foods that require minimal preparation before arriving at the table can assist the overweight individual in dropping those undesirable pounds swiftly, and safely. The best perk about embracing a natural daily diet plan is that it establishes a life-long healthy eating pattern - becoming a diet that can last a lifetime. Here are a few tips:

Enjoy a hearty mix of salad greens mingled with cherry tomatoes, raw carrot, cucumber and a splash of salad dressing with your meal.

Replace sugar-loaded beverages at meal times with any of the following: water, water and lemon - or any citrus slice, skim milk or a diet friendly juice.

Steaming raw veggies and adding just a touch of butter or margarine equals Good Health on a Plate.

Rather than battering and frying up meats, roast them in the oven instead.

As a footnote, the secret ingredient of many of the tastiest apple pies is the noble pear – so in turn, by incorporating a healthier body, one can become a mock-Pear.

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