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Article Written by Thin Thin

Busy, busy bees - it's the motto of the Modern Day World. Progress equals success - success equals money. It may also equal weight gain. How so? To answer, we must first ask a question.


"When is the last time that you took time out to simply relax from the everyday world?"

Not a vacation to the in-law's house, not a rushed holiday spent entertaining friends and family - and not just a few days away from work to get those vital necessities accomplished, rather a true time out - time out to chill and relax.

It's the most overlooked aspect related to weight issues and it's as necessary to the body as a healthy diet paired with moderate exercise. Because physical results are noticed with the naked eye, the big 'D' (diet)and the big 'E' (exercise) overwhelm rest and relaxation.

Although there has been a bit of bustling about in the health world regarding a connection between weight gain and inadequate sleep, we're referring to something totally different. Relaxation. In fact, just saying that word sets a feeling of calm washing over us.


But relaxation is swiftly becoming a lost and forgotten element in our Modern Day World. Just compare the common consensus of 'relaxation' these days to the Old World.

Whereas knitting, reading a book, wildlife viewing, moon gazing, stargazing, pleasant conversation and high tea were considered necessities of life in the Old World, in Today's World relaxation is generally construed as playing video games, golf or other sports, attending entertaining functions - and so forth.

However, these all fall into the category of 'Activities' rather than in the category of 'Relaxation' as the body is put into motion and requires use of skill.

True relaxation allows us to get in touch with our inner self. We need not even think. True relaxation allows the mind to rest while the body is awake. True relaxation regenerates not only the mind, but also the body and the spirit. And when we don't experience true relaxation, our bodies seek comfort in other forms - such as in food. Deprivation of one vital element contributes to our bodies seeking methods of fixing the issue, and more often than not, comfort foods fill the bill.

If it has been forever and a day since you've took time to relax - to clear your mind and simply bathe in the spirits of life that live within, taking time out may not only boost productivity in your everyday life, it may also boost weight loss results.

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